They want me to get off NDT and switch to Levo


I’m a little unsure of what to do in this situation. I have a kidney dysfunction and am relying on my high risk Obgyn (I’m newly pregnant) at a prominent hospital to give me awesome care. The only thing is is that they want me to get off NDT and switch to Levo. I originally dealt w a naturopath for my thyroid. I contacted him and he said he’d do my thyroid care during pregnancy in order for me to stay on NDT. My question is whether or not I should do that? I’m worried the high risk Obgyn would cancel my case w them for non compliance and going w the naturopath…

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  1. Levothyroxine contains gluten and tons of fillers in it. The way it’s manufactured has no consistency, and our thyroids need a consistent dosing. My parathyroid surgeon didn’t like levothyroxine either. It made me sick and depressed when I was on it. I couldn’t lose weight either. The reason your high risk Obgyn wants you off NDT is because most Western educated doctors don’t understand it. I would advocate for what’s best for my thyroid health. Your high risk doctor should listen to you. I don’t see why your high risk doctor can’t work with your Functional Doctor?

  2. I’m sure your Functional Doctor would disagree with Levothyroxine. With Hashimotos we should be gluten free.

  3. I am on levo and also have kidney disease…diagnosed at same time as the kidney disease. Minimal change kidney disease is the type. I have not had any issues while on levo that I can tell but I am on other meds and have other issues with the kidneys that overshadow any symptoms of the hashis.

  4. I would suggest you have both doctors speak to each other about your case. Who says doctors can’t work together to benefit the patient?

  5. Lannet brand levo and one other (sorry, I forget the name at the moment) of levo are GF. Walgreens in my area carries it.

  6. I’m 13 weeks pregnant and will continue to see my endocrinologist for my thyroid and adrenal related issues. The maternal-fetal specialist I see made no attempt to change anything, and I made it very clear to my regular OB that my endo will continue my thyroid care. \n\nI would offer to have copies of your naturopath’s records sent over to your OB. It is important for any medical providers to know your full history. \n\nI’m not keen on any person or doctor who pushes one drug over the next, natural or synthetic. What works for you is what works for you. Be open to anything or you may miss out on the one medication that truly works for you. For me, it turns out a combination of hydrocortisone (for adrenals) and levothyroxine (for thyroid) is my magic combination. Took a good 18 years and many different combinations of medication to figure it out, though. \n\nGood luck!

  7. I was informed by my Endo MD not to take Levo because it is generic. She specified Synthroid instead.

  8. Generics can be just fine if you are able to tolerate the difference in fillers. Synthroid wrecks me, Levo does not. It all depends on the person.

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