Thinking of trying Jersey Mike’s today.


Thinking of trying Jersey Mike’s today. Anyone have problems after eating their gluten free subs?

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  1. Really good! Just make sure they change gloves new knife and get condiments from back

  2. I had no problems there. By the time I finished my order they were already doing everything needed to avoid cross contamination before I could say anything.

  3. Had no problem. One person went to the back to make my sandwich away from where the others are made.

  4. Have eaten there three times now and watched as they prepared my sandwich. They were very careful and I had no problems so far.

  5. My only time there Didn’t have a problem!

  6. I had bad CC at my JMs and they didn’t seem to understand allergy protocol/gluten intolerance very well. I asked them to get the new toppings that hadn’t been touched by the gloves yet and I had to ask 3 times before they understand what and why I wanted them to do that. The time before that they cut me off in the middle of me requesting my sandwich be made a certain way, to tell me “that’s what we do here” and then proceed to put the contaminated toppings on my sandwich that I had to either eat and possibly gluten myself or throw away. I haven’t been back after those 2 frustrating Times.

  7. The jersey mikes where I live use separate stuff for us with CD I’ve ate there a few times an no issues

  8. I also never eat from the cold bar I always get something they have to cook

  9. Just ate for lunch today. No issues.

  10. Went there the other day and the actually made my sandwich on wheat bread! When I questioned them they said “oh we thought you wanted wheat”, yet the charged me for the gf Bread….thank god I noticed!

  11. Never had a problem. Enjoy

  12. My son loves Jersey Mikes. The 2 locations he goes to ask if its celiac or preference & as soon as he says celiac, they change gloves & go directly to a clean area to make his sandwich. He’s eaten there at least a dozen times with no problems & loves that he can sit & eat with his friends like a regular 14 year old kid!

  13. My husband was diagnosed last summer and Jersey Mike’s is the only thing he will eat out.

  14. We are going to Jersey Mike’s for the 5th week in a row tonite!! They have been awesome and very knowledgeable with cross-contamination and my celiac son loves it and has felt fine every time!!

  15. It is ok, and I didn’t get sick, but it is just ho hum

  16. No problems!

  17. My husband just mentioned this to me today and I was scared about cross contamination, but now after reading the comments, this makes me feel better.

  18. Never had an issue!

  19. Cheesesteak was good and no issues

  20. Took my daughter there last week. It was great. They use gloves and do not make the sandwich in the same area as the regular sandwiches. It was wonderful

  21. We ate there a little bit after my son was diagnosed and the bread was not good at all and he got sick from cross-contamination because they did not have a separate area to make his sandwich after that we have never went back we sure do miss it though

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