This is what Raynaud’s Disease has done to me.


This is what Raynaud’s Disease has done to me. VERY PAINFUL! And possible amputation in the next couple of wks.


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  1. How are you doing? Any update?

  2. Ouch!!!! Can't even imagine how painful that must be.

  3. Im so sorry for your pain. Why are they waiting so long

  4. Yes, I'm sorry you're having to deal with this – it looks so painful. And yes, to Jody Smith's question – why were the doctors not on top of this earlier!!

  5. Oh my! I'm so sorry. ??? What's a MRA?

  6. Ouch! I sanded the end of my little finger on the belt sander the other day and it hurts too 🙁

  7. I'm so sorry. Sending you healing and love!

  8. I'm so sorry . I get these ulcers too and sometimes under my fingernail. My dr prescribed bacitracin with lidocaine cream mix together and apply .. Ouch that looks so so painful! And it makes you even more tired by the pain you experience during the day and stress. Prayers to you sweetie

  9. You poor thing! Pray they can heal it & not have to amputate! Looks sooo painful 🙁

  10. Its still really bad but they're going to be able to save it. They will do surgery on my wrists instead to try and help the blood flow so my circulation will be some better. Thank all of you for being here for me!

  11. Finger is doing much better. Infection is gone! Just a SLOW healing process.

  12. Try to soak it in warm sea salt solution , not much salt enough to taste it. Coconut oil is good to keep dirt out, after the soaking.

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