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Saw D.O yesterday. She recommended drinking distilled water as distilled pulls junk out of us. When I questioned it pulling out good stuff, she said the body has an amazing way of taking what it needs and we pee t the rest. Thoughts on distilled water?

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  1. I have found drinking reverse osmosis water ( low mineral) does to me what distilled water is described as doing… really messes with my electrolytes. Going through copper dumping, symptoms were worsened by drinking ro water. I started adding electrolytes to my ro water on top of my adrenal cocktails and I feel better and I'm not swelling as much.

    All this time I was wondering why my electrolytes weren't sticking….

  2. We are not evolved to cope with mineral free pure water. It's a very rare and fleeting occurrence in the natural environment and it just osmoticly dilutes cellular electrolyte and plasma.

  3. if you do it, you have to re-add the minerals back to the water ro water as is, i wouldnt drink

  4. A definite NO to distilled water for primary drinking.

  5. Glad I questioned it! Thank you all!!

  6. Taking distilled water with a proper mix of anionic surfactants would reduce cardiovascular deaths by 80% overnight. Dont discount distilled water that easily, it can be a life saver for many.

  7. That's an ingredient in washing up liquid isn't it? Never did like the taste of that stuff.

  8. It's not an ingredient as such Steven, its to do with the ionic charge of the particles. Enlighten yourself and research zeta potential and Dr TC Mcdaniel and learn how he built a cardiovascular practice saving thousands of lives using the exact principles I mentioned above.

  9. Amd I have used the same principles for my cardiovascular clients and I'm able to significantly reduce blood pressure within minutes.

  10. What do the crystals do clean out arteries

  11. I'll give it a read, the only place I've seen those 2 words together though is on the side of the washing up liquid bottle in the ingredients list.

  12. If you worked with blood Steven, you would have been all.over this one. Its fundamental. And, there are thousands of different types of anionic surfactants 🙂

  13. So Mark Hathaway regarding me drinking it daily, thoughts?

  14. Jim Wildman…check out Mark Hathaway's links here, commenting on blood pressure.

  15. From memory I recall it's molecules that have a hydrophilic side and a liphophilic side and so facilitate oil water emulsions. ( & get your dishes clean)

  16. I add a teaspoon of sole to my distilled water.

  17. Kathy. Yes, Dr. McDaniel (mentioned above) suggests ONLY drinking distilled water with his added mineral /anionic surfactant mix. You can purchase this mix from the link I provided. Having said this, you will still need to understand the metabolic imbalances you have that are causing zeta potential to be out of balance (Causing blood sludge) in the first place.

    Iodine is an anionic surfactant too and will often work very quickly. This is one if the reasons so many people experience increased energy soon after taking iodine. It dispersed their coagulated blood. Blood pressure will drop.immediately for these people too 🙂

  18. So what IS the best kind of water to drink?

  19. Chlorine and fluoride free.

  20. But what would that be Rosslyn Tadd? In simple terms that I can understand because I certainly don't understand all the stuff Steven and Mark are talking about above. I but Culligan bottled water which MJ Hamp says is reverse osmosis but Steven is saying above that that is bad.

  21. The mildly alkali water in so called "Hard water areas" has the advantage that it will not hold toxic metals in solution like the mildly acidic "soft water". Hard waters are usually found in limestone areas.

  22. Reverse Osmosis removes trace minerals.

  23. So what is the best water to purchase to drink? Spring water, filtered water, distilled water, etc?????

  24. Spring water in my opinion

  25. I have filtered water—-I'm lucky I have well water with no junk in it—no chlorine or flouride, etc. There are many good filters out there, there is one that you plug into an electric outlet by your kitchen sink and hooks into your water line and it's not very expensive or you can purchase one for the entire home—those are more expensive—-just do diligent research. 🙂

  26. In general, you cannot beat natural spring water if you can get it. Some people however, already have an overload of minerals so they don't need any more. These people will need water with no minerals initially (distilled water). No such thing as 1 rule that applies to everyone. We are all biologically unique 🙂

  27. I have well water.

  28. Join the group Distilled Waters on Facebook.
    Mercola's article is usually pulled up to prove it is wrong.. Mercola is wrong. In the Distilled Waters Group you will find real information.

  29. If your going to use spring or well water from one source regularly get it tested. I got our spring in the South west of England tested and it was contaminated with coilform bacillus of fecal origin and way over the permitted limit of nitrates for safe drinking water. Nitrates in drinking water can cause bowel cancer and neural tube birth defects in the unborn.

  30. I just bought a Berkey water filter to remove some chlorine and fluoride from my water. I used to distill it but needed minerals in my water.

  31. Your tapwater, filtered or not, is not providing you with minerals. You get your minerals from fruit and veg.

  32. What most are missing is salt, good salt. Celtic Sea Salt and also Himalayan pink salt are good salts, full with minerals. 1/2 teaspoon in 1 liter of water.

  33. Yes I add salt but filtered water has some minerals but distilled takes everything out is what I'm saying. Here in Australia we are not able to get our minerals from food as the soils are depleted so we need to supplement.

  34. In most parts of the world ordinary tap water does provide significant minerals. No substitute for eating well but not insignificant.

  35. Steven, I recently started getting water from a spring listed on, in Chicago. I know the city tests it every month. Should I still test it on my own? Where do you get the testing materials?

  36. Great distillery groups on FB

  37. Distilled water helps me a lot when my gastritis flares up.

  38. Mark Hathaway: Thanks for the link to the McDaniel Research Group. Since having pre-eclampsia with my first child, I've been interested in high blood pressure (avoiding it, actually) and pregnancy. This will give me great food for thought…

  39. If the city tests it I'd rely on that . I got our farmers coop to test ours, then the council tested it when a baby was living there. They said it would be dangerous to make formula from but didn't seem bothered about us drinking it.

  40. I think distilled water might be appropriate for short-term use if you need to chelate, but in the long term we're better off drinking mineral rich water.

  41. I can't really afford spring water and my cooler system and 5 gallon jugs are set up for culligan RO water, so what minerals should I mainly be concerned with replacing? Or am I really losing THAT much to be concerned with? I take a lot of vitamins and minerals already and am adding more as I learn more about them and how they interact with each other and what I am deficient in.

  42. You could also check this site for spring water:

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