Thoughts on Floradix liquid Magnesium?


What are your thoughts on Floradix liquid Magnesium ? (NOT the calcium/mag combo, but just mag: it’s magnesium gluconate + mag citrate.) should I be supplementing with an additional form of magnesium as well if I’m taking this once a day? It’s only 250 mg per serving , my naturopath recommends 500-1,000 a day. Thank you!

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  1. You want a minimum of 5mg x your bodyweight in lbs a day.
    (So a 100 pound person need at least 500mg a day)
    You need a higher ratio to see a benefit and raise levels. Many here take up to about 3,000 mg a day. You base it off of your mag rbc value and htma results- and what your bowel tolerance is. (Low mag rbc = taking as much as you possibly can, while supporting adrenals)

    Morley says that citrate doesn't raise mag levels in the cells, so it's not great..

  2. Yeah re citrate, I know… I Thot gluconate might be ok, hope I didn't just waste 26$ 🙁

  3. So I was trying to see if I can add some other supplement to it as well. Thanks for info about body weight that's very helpful

  4. It's not bad to take, a good start at least 🙂
    I don't know how much gluconate is actually in it, and how effective it is (I haven't seen it used often)

  5. Ugh yeah you're right. I shouldn't have opened it was gonna return it but decided to give it a shot, because I did take it once before and noticed some good results.

  6. Citrate is good for immediate results (Calming / help with sleep / anxiety)
    And will at least raise blood serum levels to some degree- so other forms may work better to get into cells when taking both together.

    Any extra mag you can get into your body is good. 🙂

  7. I was thinking of also getting pure encapsulations from amazon , but they have yet to answer my gluten free question (I'm celiac and need something 100% gf certified…)

  8. Pure encapsulations would be one that I trust to be GF..

    Swanson's products are GF. And their mag is pretty cheap (they also always have promo codes for a ~10% discount if you look online)

  9. ^Most are… Swanson has a list.. It's the majority of their products..

    I thought I read somewhere that it is a GF facility, but can't find it now.. hm.

  10. Thanks! Is pure e. From Swanson or they're two separate?

  11. Separate- swanson makes their own, but the glycinate comes from albion labs (pretty much 100% agreed they are the best source of minerals)

    But P.E. is good, and available on amazon- also Recommended by Morley 🙂

  12. Cool thanks I'll look into them! Ty!

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