Thoughts on the shingles zoster vaccine anyone?


Thoughts on the shingles zoster vaccine anyone? I’m thinking of getting it, I watched my mother go through a horrible time after getting shingles and end up with debilitating nerve pain from it.

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  1. Get it! Shingles isn’t something you mess with. The pain can drive people to contemplate suicide.

  2. My mother (now 80) went through many excruciating episodes of shingles when she was younger and then decided to get the vaccine. So far so good.

  3. My grandmother had it. I hope to never deal with it.

  4. I wouldn’t personally

  5. I had shingles while pregnant so the docs couldn’t give me any pain medication at all. It covered the right side of my entire body. The pain was excruciating. I will get the shot and smile the entire time that they give it to me. Unless you have dealt with the feeling of being on fire at the slightest movement, nerve pain that will not end even after the shingles has cleared up, and scarring and tissue damage, I would get the vaccine. I know I’m going to as soon as I can.

  6. Iḿ not getting the vaccine…too many unknows…I dont get the flu shot anymore either

  7. I have recurring Shingles. No shot, but did take round of Val? Something. Did not break out for long time, just the pain. But I. Broke out on my hand a couple of weeks ago, drying up now. I’m scared to do vaccine.

  8. I got the Shingle shot as soon as it came out because like you my husband had the worst case of Shingles you could ever see even the Dr said the same thing i get the flu shot every year also !!!!!

  9. I’m not a fan of the vaccine at this stage of my Hashimoto’s. I did have shingles 7 years ago though. Thank God it wasn’t a bad case!

  10. I’ve had Shingles twice, it is so painful, the shot is on my list of questions for next Dr visit. I did get my Flu which was highly recommend by my Dr even with Hasimotos.

  11. Thank you all for your thoughts and wisdom. My concerns are inflammation/ autoimmune response vs the pain From the illness. I will definitely discuss all this with my endo and do some more research.

  12. I was told by my doctor that people with any type of autoimmune disease should not get the shingles shot or any other type of live vaccine. Will definitely cause an immune response.

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