Thyroid and birth control?


Hi ladies. I have a serious question in regards to the thyroid and birth control. My thyroid has been off for several months and I have not be able to see an endocrinologist. I finally have an appointment on the 26th. I know my thyroid is off because I can feel it in my body. mainly when after 10 minutes of working out, I’m exhausted and want to give up. Recently, my local doctor told me it was off. Anyway, I’ve been struggling to know what to do when it comes to birth control. I have tried 2 different pills in the past 4 months.(I just started BC at the end of April because June is when I started to become sexually active) both these pills have caused me to have heavy bleeding and spotting when I am not suppose to. Is this because my thyroid is playing a factor? I really want to consider getting an IUD. If I do this, is this a safe solution when it comes to thyroid and birth control? What should be fixed first? My thyroid levels without being on BC? or should I try the IUD and monitor my thyroid levels while on that? Any advice you have would be so helpful! I’m so sick of my body being out of wack and not normal. Bleeding when I’m not suppose to is so annoying. Thanks everyone!

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  1. I had an iud with hashi motors and it worked fine

  2. Sometimes it takes your body a few months to adjust. Bleeding and spotting is not out of the ordinary while adjusting to bc. If you have tried two diff ones in 5 months then maybe you haven’t given yourself time to adjust. The last pill I was on my dr said to give it 6 months. I needed about 41/2 before my body stopped spotting and cramping. And that was on one consistently.

  3. My thyroid med and my bc never meshed well together. I always felt better the week of the placebo pills. No coincidence. Finally figured out there must be some sort of problem with the levo and the estrogen. I felt really great on the progesterone only pill but couldn’t stay on that long term. I would get your thyroid levels maintained first.

  4. I took them 12 hours apart. Since they are both hormones, they are fighting each other

  5. I would not suggest the merina. I think it is causing me a lot of problems with thyroid among other problems. Im getting it out this week.

  6. I take BC at night and thyroid pill in the morning. And I make sure at least 8hrs apart I try for more

  7. I have the Mirena in. It’s my second one. So with 7 years or Mirena and 2 of Hashimotos I haven’t had a single problem. And I don’t have a period anymore. Maybe a day or two of spotting

  8. I love my progesterone only Implanon in my arm!

  9. Everyone’s body is different. Personally, I cannot take BC. I’ve tried several pills, including the mildest, and none has worked well for me. However, as you can see, there are many people who do well on BC. My advice for all things thyroid-related is to find what works best for you and go with it, whether it’s BC, medication, diet, etc. Good luck!

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