Thyroid cancer with a complete Thyroidectomy


I am 20 years old and currently in remission from Thyroid cancer with a complete Thyroidectomy. Pathology on my thyroid showed that I have Hashimoto’s as well. I was wondering what TSH level people with Hashis feel best at. Mine is a 2.4 and I feel awful.

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  1. I feel best when my tsh is suppressed. Lower than what they consider “normal”.

  2. Mine felt best around 1.0 but it’s been around 4.0 for a while and I feel icky.

  3. I’ve heard that more than once total suppression with cancer I am currently on lower end range around 1.0

  4. Truthfully, tsh isn’t most important. Most crummy feeling comes from t3 being off and/or vitamin deficiencies.

  5. May god bless you.

  6. That’s a great question. My last big blood work was last January and my TSH was really low.. but I felt good… it was -0.01. I’ve lost almost 20 lbs since July, then went hyper.. so lowered my NDT dose.. and now I feel okay.. just okay. So.. I guess I would say I feel best when mine is low. And I got that from playing around with my NDT.

  7. Everyone is different r u on t3 meds as well as t4 . They recommend 2 or below

  8. Anything under 3 and I feel like poop but it’s really hard for anything to get it over 3.

  9. Don’t skimp on your calcium and vitamin d.

  10. Thank you for the replies. I’m still trying to educate myself on optimal levels and thyroid health so I can be more proactive and aware of my own health plan.

  11. The best people to ask are the ones who have the disease 🙂 so I appreciate your opinions!

  12. I use to cry when I went to the Dr. so desparate to feel better. Then I read Thyroid Power and some online research, and requeste a more thorough lab to be taken. Education is so important and being your own advocate — nutrient absorption and balancing blood sugars has helped me immensely!

  13. Under 1.0 for me.

  14. 1 for me. I was at 2.2 and very symptomatic.

  15. I’m at 1.9–I don’t know if his is as great as I can feel, but I sure feel better than I did.

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