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Quick question. Once you went on thyroid medication for Hashimoto’s, how many of you did it help with losing weight or managing your weight better?

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  1. I stopped gaining 5lbs a month. Losing weight has proven extreemly difficult. However Ive come to a place that Im happy my body and mind feel better… weight loss will just be a bonus.

  2. In combination with a low carb diet and exercise, it allowed me to stop gaining and lose 60+ lbs in a year

  3. For me, the medication helped me feel better. But I had to change what I ate along with exercise to lose weight. It took me going to the gym for months to lose weight.

  4. I lost 50 lbs. And I feel even better. Honestly, it was a long hard road. But worth it!

  5. Same here ..after about 2 years with cut back on sugar, carbs and exercise I started to lose weight

  6. I have stopped gaining but losing is a constant challenge

  7. I’m scheduled to go on medication in a few weeks or so. I don’t expect a miracle drug, but I’ll take anything that may remotely help.

  8. I’ve been diagnosed for 5 years but only started the NP thyroid recently. Didn’t see much improvement, as I had suspected, so I’m taking T3 and weight is slowly coming off. Oh and I’ve been a fitness instructor my whole adult life and worked out several hours a day. I was still overweight and tired. My body is so tired I’m done trying to work my ass off, literally, to lose weight. So T3 it is!

  9. Constant challenge

  10. I am taking Synthroid for 27 years all i do is gain weight !

  11. Still a battle. I gained about 45 lbs since first being diagnosed. I’ve managed to lose some… Only to see it come back. 🙁 Meds (T4 AND T3) haven’t made a difference.

  12. It’s an on going battle, I stopped gaining but losing is taking a lot of work, with little to show for it

  13. must give up gluten and then sugar!!

  14. I’ve lost 15 lbs since I started my thyroid meds 6 weeks ago

  15. My thyroid medicine gets bumped up frequently due to the rapid decline of my thyroid function… so despite being on it and having my labs drawn every 4 weeks I haven’t lost at all.

  16. Despite what I was told by my Endo years ago that it would solve my weight problems, I have steadily gained over the years to where I am now 35 pounds up since before I was diagnosed !! Hashi’s absolutely sucks ! especially when one is going through menopause concurrently!

  17. Not me. In my case only diet works. If I am not on a diet, then medication does not work.

  18. I stopped taking my meds for 5 months and lost all the weight I gained plus some and feel better than I have in 15 yrs!

  19. With exercise I’ve lost 100lbs in a little over a year

  20. Been hypothyroid for 25 yrs. Up and down in weight. ongoing battle.

  21. Trim healthy mama….

  22. I never lost weight until I found out I had candida overgrowth and did a cleanse for that. Then I lost

  23. I didn’t just lose weight effortlessly but I stopped gaining. Now I’ve lost about 30 lbs in the last few months by eating a healthy diet and moderate exercise.

  24. I started meds as a child and was not overweight. Very slim as a teen and young adult and did not start gaining excess weight until menopause.

  25. I don’t think I lost any weight with medication alone. Aip though…60 lbs.

  26. It helped me, also took the bloat out of my face and body.

  27. I’ve never been able to lose weight. Been on meds for over ten years. No amount of diet and exercise helps.

  28. The medication is not for the Hashimoto’s per se, but for the hypothyroid it caused. Once I reached my optimal level of Synthroid, my weight adjusted to normal without doing anything special.

  29. I have gained 30 plus lbs this year. I I don’t eat much. My one doctor said I was staving myself so my body was going into survival mode putting on fat. . I think he was being a bit dramatic. I use to juice in the morning , eat a yogurt for mid morning snack and eat dinner drank tons of water and I’d gain weight. My problem was I had a zero appetite so that’s when I was like something is seriously wrong. I hope with my new meds ( which should be here today or tomorrow L throxizine ) it can help me with energy thus I can work out ..

  30. Try weight watchers, if you dont have an appetite eat food high in points and the weight should come off. Give it 2 weeks, no hurt in trying.

  31. It hasn’t helped me. 🙁

  32. Gained over a stone since diagnosis and goin on med a yr ago

  33. Loosing weight is all about portion control and exercise once you heal your gut from whatever toxins that is causing the issue. Sometimes just going Gluten-free/soy-free/sugar-free/process foods free helps alot.

  34. Not me. Gained 40lbs

  35. I went keto 6 months ago and honestly the best choice I ever made.

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