Thyroid meds before bedtime instead of the morning?


Who has started taking their thyroid meds before bedtime instead of the morning? Did your labs change afterwards and there any dosage change needed after you started taking them at night?

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  1. I take them at night. No real change to labs and stayed on same dose, for me i feel better than when I take it on the morning

  2. I take mine before bed also that way I can take my B complex in the am. My numbers have never been normal however.

  3. I see this question asked a lot. What I don't understand is why one would change the time (am vs pm) w/out talking to their dr. I do on his recommendation. Just asking….

  4. Jennifer, there are studies that show that absorption is improved by taking the meds at bedtime. This is for T4 only meds, usually, as taking meds containing T3 at bedtime could interfere with sleep.

  5. I take my thyroxine at night so I don't have to wait at least an hour after for my first cup of tea (as the calcium in the milk can interfere with thyroxine uptake)..
    PLUS I find it hard to swallow in the mornings.
    I also figure that by morning they may have been absorbed and help me have more energy for the day – rather than completing their 'mission' by nightfall.

  6. I take it whenever and my numbers are always fine

  7. I take mine at night but if you really have questions consult your RPH because they have a 4 year doctorate in medications and how they work in the body

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