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I just listened to Morley Robbins on the “Thyroid Nation RADIO” podcast, episode #76: “How Iron Rusts The Body And Magnesium Saves The Day”. Listening to him is like drinking from a fire hose. 🙂 I think I got most of it. But at one point he said that thyroid problems are always preceded by adrenal problems. What I don’t understand is why.

Stress is not new to our last couple of generations. Why the sudden epidemic of adrenal issues? Is this also tied to magnesium deficiency, is there some particular other nutrient missing or antagonist added to cause this? I have been struggling with adrenal fatigue and all the joy that accompanies it for at least 6 months now, and my DO told me yesterday that it could be another year for it to get better IF I can avoid stress, which a professional impossibility. Staying home and resting isn’t an option.

Anyway, did I miss something or did he not describe it because it’s just part of the same, get the magnesium and ceruloplasmin working and that will fix things?

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  1. Stress eats Magnesium for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The more depleted it gets, the weaker the adrenals get.

  2. Ok, so the answer is that as magnesium goes, so go the adrenals and the rest (thyroid, sex hormones, etc.)?

  3. How do beta blockers affect adrenal fatigue since they block adrenaline?

  4. I think the sudden epidemic is mainly due to increased environmental toxicity and the industrialized diet catching up with us. The key to addressing AF imho aside from increasing mag and Cp is a Weston a price diet and since the adrenal gland has the highest concentration of vit c in the body, a good quality WFC that's never heated is key too. And of course managing stress.

  5. Good point.

    I"m glad you said that about the C. It really helps me to know WHY something is important, and somehow I hadn't seen that before.

  6. Is good way to get magnesium taking epsomsalth baths every day?

  7. I listened to that again too. I appreciated the comment, "when we realize the stress pattern of an individual and how efficiently they are able to make energy in the face of the stress pattern" was a key point. HTMA tells our story (and blood tests).

  8. I think I've also heard Morley say in another podcast (regarding copper) that AF can be inherited at birth from Yur mother, anyone recall this?

  9. My other advice is try to limit and VERY slowly chelate toxins/metals via enhancing liver health. toxins/metals can also bog down your adrenals but that's a chicken vs egg argument I suppose.

  10. How do I do that?

  11. Damage to thyroid from lack of iodine and bromine & fluoride occupying receptor sites.

  12. Taking an iodine supplement from Biotics Research. I don't drink soda but I do brush my teeth. 🙂 What kind of toothpaste is good then?

  13. Can we listen to it

  14. You'd need software to listen to podcasts like iTunes ( It's "Thyroid Nation RADIO" podcast, episode #76: "How Iron Rusts The Body And Magnesium Saves The Day". Thyroid Nation RADIO is the name of the podcast, and the episode #76 is the latest. But they're numbered so it's not hard to find anyway.

  15. Stress today is VASTLY different than anything our ancestors experienced. Their stress was generally outside, in the sunshine and fresh air. Ours is crammed in front of a computer juggling a 57 point to-do list and 18 meetings a day. In general people today are always "turned on" and we dont ever turn off. Thats not to say that generations before us didnt have stress but it was grounded in a deeper, quieter lifestyle.

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