Today was my last day in the Disney parks


Today was my last day in the Disney parks. I had posted earlier about being nervous about what I was going to eat, and I got amazing advice from you guys, and I can’t thank you guys enough! Every place I ate, I got to speak to a chef beforehand, and they were very gracious!

Well, all but one, unfortunately. Today, (luckily this happened on the last day, last in-park meal) We were in animal kingdom at one of the causal dining spots (Yak n Yeti?), and the chef came out to talk to me, but she didn’t seem like she wanted to be there/talk to me properly, but she listed off suggestions, and then just kinda walked off, which I thought was odd, but wrote it off as ‘eh, I guess she’s busy! Can’t blame her. Everyone else has been super amazing so far, so she’s got me taken care of’

She didn’t 🙁
Or, there was cross contamination somewhere in the food, because about an hour afterwards, standing in a line, I just doubled over and cried/screamed (I don’t know why, but this is becoming more common now, each time I get glutened). One of the staff members ran to me, thinking I was having a contraction, it was so embarrassing.
They took it to guest relations, got my meal refunded, extra fast passes, and a LOT of apologies. I just felt bad because I didn’t want to get anyone in trouble.

I’m still recovering, with occasional spams, but I’m not regretting the trip overall, and I wanted to thank you all again, and let anyone know, that if you haven’t been to Disney since the diagnosis, they DEFINITELY take care of you, don’t be afraid of going there, and if you feel uncomfortable with a certain location and their food options, it’s okay, don’t eat there, ask them where you can find gluten free foods, 99% of the time they’ll point you in the right direction or they’ll have a chef come out and talk to you and see how they can modify a dish for you. Just watch their body language too. I guess the chef I got today wasn’t in the mood, lol. But You won’t go hungry, and you won’t go broke! The prices are reasonable!

(top recommendations: rainforest café in animal kingdom, and Pinocchio-Something in magic Kingdom. Their staff is SO NICE, and they gave us a bunch of free fast passes just for being nice customers, and thanking them for making accommodations! Also, their pizza was made from udi’s crust, but it was HEAVENLY)

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  1. Thank you. I was diagnosed right before thanksgiving and we have a trip planned for January. I have been stressing and pretty pissed actually but have read other good things so I know it could be worse

  2. Tell Disney about this person. They have a program to make it magical for everyone. This employee clearly made it less than magical. AND she might kill someone with that attitude.

  3. Heading to Disney in February with 2 daughters with celiac so thank you for the info!!

  4. Good to know thinking if making the trip with my boys…if only i was a better planner…lol

  5. I totally agree! We went the week after thanksgiving and I don’t think I have eaten so well since my husband and I were on a cruise for our honeymoon pre-diagnosis. Disneyworld was so accommodating every place we ate and took me so seriously when I told them I needed gf. We had a meal plan and ate at several resorts as well as throughout the parks and I wasn’t sick once. I wish all restaurants would put their chefs through that kind of training!

  6. Also, i would add- There is a gluten free Disney Facebook page as well as an app for anyone going and wanting to get extra tips. Sometimes we would be in the park trying to pick a place and I would just search for it on the fb page and find what people recommended. It was really helpful!

  7. We have never eaten at the quick serve Yak & Yeti but have had lots of successful meals at the sit-down one. I’m so sorry this happened but I’m glad the rest of your trip was good.

    We love Pinocchio’s Village Haus too!

  8. Disney is the best at service recovery, but a bummer it happened

    Also, you know gluten free food is expensive when you use the words “the food is reasonably priced” talking about Disney

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