Tony Gwynn (baseball player) passed away recently from cancer


I have a question actually. I saw that Tony Gwynn (baseball player) passed away recently from cancer.

Why is it when someone is told they have 3-6 months to live, they are not searching for alternate cures? People just go home and wait out there time? I don’t understand how if I am given the timeline of my death, why am I not finding out ways to change that?

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  1. There are few reasons, shock, denial that they could die to start with; too much wrong information on the internet; no real guidance from any doctor or anyone else or information available in terms of the option/s; most countries don't allow these alternative therapies, these are banned from imports; having faith in the conventional medicine and Doctor. This is just a brief summary.

  2. And i thought everyone in the last 30 years listened to dead dr don't lie….lol

  3. I have seen that a lot my self on another form that im in. What gives them the right to deal them that sentence. They have no idea how much fight is in anyone.

  4. The new-molecular "South-spun Electron Fluid Concept" now dove-tails w/ the famous Seven Year Cellular Rebuild Cycle in your own body! Now you can remain in the physical form for up to one-thousand years, by remembering FIRST to correct (north to south) the molecular electron-spin in the fluids that you drink each-day!

  5. That makes me really angry when "patients" are told how long they have to live. It turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy because they are mentally and emotionally broken down. I would punch my husband's doctor in the face if he ever "predicted" how long he has to live. I'm sorry that has happened to your family. Alternatives are up to the patient unfortunately.

  6. Watch now: A New Cure for Cancer & everything else (at)

  7. Its ok to feel like that. As much as we have faith. We still get dealt a shitty hand of cards. We just have to have faith in ourselves an a lot of heart an strength.


  9. Did he just lie down to die though? Do we know that for sure? We had a famous football president, Jim Steins, (he wrote a book during his cancer years re what he was going through). He tried everything imaginable, even drank his urine. He did it all. He got more time but he died in the end. I DO fully believe natural treatments can cure, I believe there are benefits in cannabis oil, b17, alkalising diet etc, but I am just not sure that everyone can always be cured. So many factors to consider…but hey if it were me I would try everything.

  10. I agree the mind is way more powerful. When I was diagnosed I told myself there is no way I was going to let that bastard take me out. I did an have put my trust in my oncologist. I have been NED for a little over a yr now. I have been researching other ideas though… now. An it is sad when some people just give up…

  11. people put far too much faith in what "the experts" say. We have all been trained from the beginning to "trust the establishment" the mind is far more powerful than most realise, and sadly it is easily programmed…:(

  12. notice that douchebags like dick cheney and killary clinton never get cancer …. they just keep going and going nothing kills them

  13. people should not be dying of cancer anymore. even if they don't discover the suppressed cures on the internet, it's at the point where you must know someone who will bring it to your attention. how a guy like tony gwynn succumbs to cancer i will never know

  14. Some people just give up; they'd rather die than fight. Getting well is a lot harder than preventing it in the first place, and when you've been whipped, sometimes it is easiest to lay down and die….. Please realize, I say easiest, but not best!

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