Too much potassium and not enough potassium?


How can you tell the difference between too much potassium and not enough potassium? Upon googling the symptoms seem to be similar. I have dark urine in the AM, heart palpitations, fingers tingling and feeling a bit wired at night. I’ve started taking Potassium supplement as I’m on B12 as it was very low (I know it’s not on the protocol or recommended) and started drying out, so thought I needed to up my potassium. I have concerns about kidney and heart failure?? I’ve also read to take less Magnesium? Any help please?

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  1. Get the potassium RBC blood test along with the HTMA and consult.

  2. Seriously if you think it's that low. Go to the dr. and have it checked. My uncle almost died from his being to low.

  3. I have had the same!!!!! I thought I was going insane. So it will be interesting. My Dr thinks I'm insane and says my potassium is normal, but I doubt he did RBC potassium

  4. hm- i thought taking potassium was not only advised if you have a proven deficiency, but also in order to outweigh/balance the huge amounts of Magnesium we are supposed to consume?

  5. Bodies need about 4500mg of elemental Potassium daily, primarily via the diet.

  6. Dark urine is a sign of dehydration. Your potassium/sodium may be unbalanced. I get heart palpitations when low in sodium or magnesium. I get wired at night when low in magnesium. There is a see-saw in balancing potassium, sodium, and magnesium. Too much magnesium decreases sodium, too much potassium decreases sodium. You really have to look at your whole diet to get a full picture of what you are consuming. How much potassium do you believe you are consuming daily? How much sodium are you consuming daily? How much magnesium are you consuming daily?

  7. I read so many people feeling bad doing the protocol, I keep wondering if it's actually good for you. Especially if you can't afford to get all the tests done

  8. I found I can do the AC with more sodium. So that's helping. And I've been playing with the ideas of potassium in the Form of tissue salts. I don't get 4500mg of potassium a day according to myfitnesspal

  9. Have you talked to your consultant again Helen? Even without a consult, they know your situation better than any of us. You are far better to touch base with them and ask for suggestions.

    – moderator/Root Cause Protocol Consultant

  10. What makes you think potassium is too low because your b12 is low? My b12 is often low but my potassium can get too high at times…even though I'm not supplementing. Potassium is dangerous if too high. Best to get it tested before supplementing. Do you know your kidney function is ok? Mines not…i wouldn't be adding potassium if you have kidney problems.

  11. ReemSahar Ben-Halim please google what a herx is … it is not from supplying your body with nutrients … if someone is not feeling well it's your body telling you something needs to be changed . Some can't take the amount of Mag recommended those of you with weak adrenals thyroid imbalances because Mag lowers cortisol . Some need way more potassium & sodium while supplementing small doses of Mag while others are quite the opposite .
    Having blood tests , htma & consult is the only way to have proper guidance unless you are really good at listening to what your body is telling you which most are not .

  12. Heart palpitations can be due to lack of B's. They are the electrical impulses to the heart. I use Cataplex B from standard process, must B's can cause damage to the liver. I'm VERY careful as to what is used. For me, even in congestive heart failure it's pulled me out within 4 days. I can take 10-25 daily if needed with no side effects, and feel like a million bucks in a couple of days, then drop to 8 a day for a while, then to 6. It heals the nerves and my vision returns, I can breathe and its sneezing. I use theirs because it's 100% whole food. Nothing synthetic. I'm picky about that.
    Potassium can be derived from cream of tarter as well. I use 1/2 a tsp in pure grape juice to a tsp when my pregnant mom's are low to bring them up. Often twice a day.

  13. Are you eating the beef liver, bee pollen, whole food C? A B12 deficiency and neuropathy are symptoms of a deficiency of bioavailable copper. Dark urine can also be caused by dehydration. Donate whole blood to improve kidney and liver function and to help raise potassium and magnesium. Retinol A is also needed to help us retain potassium. Magnesium and sodium are also needed to raise potassium inside the cells. Get liver and kidney function tested.

  14. Jeanne cataplex
    Has ascorbic acid in it ugh !

  15. Potassium and vitamin B12 are antagonists, so adding B12 would likely lower your potassium at least a little. However, a Potassium RBC blood test (NOT Potassium Serum) would give you the most accurate measurement of what potassium is doing in your blood. That combined with an HTMA and the other recommended testing is the most accurate overall picture of what potassium is doing in your body.
    Have you tried taking grass-fed beef liver or grass-fed undefatted beef liver capsules to raise your B12 levels? This is the recommended method to do so on the protocol. The beef liver also has other nutrients to help utilize magnesium, B12, and other nutrients.

    -RCP Consultant

  16. Anne Manari Faust

  17. What did you eat for dinner when the palps were really bad the next day? Could just be a blood sugar issue. Can I have some examples of what you're eating for meals and snacks? How much water are you consuming?

  18. This sounds exactly like me with the exception of the dark urine I have pale yellow urine so no concerns there interested to know the answer here.

  19. I get palpitations with too little potassium. I have high blood pressure and am not doing AC for now, but rather drink coconut water at 10:30 and have made an effort to incorporate more high potassium foods in my diet. So far, so good.

  20. Cate Marino

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  22. Raeann Brink..the chart. Maybe try different for of mag form..for palps.

  23. If your B12 is low then your not absorbing through diet therefor tablets won't work as they go the same way. That's why injections are prescribed to bypass the absorption problem. The only time it maybe dietary related is if your a long term vegatarian or vegan.

  24. Helen Baker Steroids DEPLETE BOTH potassium and magnesium. Get BOTH potassium RBC and magnesium RBC tested.
    Both are INTRAcellular minerals that do their work INSIDE the cells. You want to know the Red Blood Cell (RBC) levels of both of those minerals as they do their work inside the red blood cells. (not serum tests) You also should get the HTMA done.

    This is why the HTMA/consult with a trained consultant is SOOOO important! A consultant will go over your health history that you provide on the questionnaire, health symptoms, HTMA, recommended blood work, etc. It is impossible to cover every possible situation for anyone when we do not have the full picture. -moderator

  25. Maybe you have a histamine issue.

  26. for heart palpitations, my cardiologist instructed me to take 250mg magnesium tablet each day, 400mg is 100%daily dose. a couple days brings the levels up and you can stop, only restarting and the pills when the palpitation starts to be felt once again……

  27. Everything but the dark urine is a symptom of anxiety…

  28. Interesting, I had similar symptoms, all of my blood work is not in yet, but I started having tingling needle like feelings in my feet and in my hands, no diabetes and my liver and kidney results came back fine, my sodium was at 34, Im waiting on the other results, but I had dark urine like once or twice a day, which I believe was related to the bateria infection I had. The dr, put me on steroids for 6 days and bateria medication.

  29. Helen yes sounds like adrenal fatigue, been there your adrenals need essential amino acids plus Vitamin C and a B Complex as cofactors, reversed my adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism this way plus your most likely low in Zinc too hence the wired at night, I took 30mg 2-3hrs before bed, reason at night is Zinc lowers Cortisol, and a high probability it's Low…

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