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Tonight i went to the health food store in my town and was asking the man who works there about a transdermal mag oil on the shelf. he is extremely knowledgeable in all areas regarding nutrition, supplementation, herbs, etc etc. BUT when i asked him about the topical mag oil, he said that it is useless and that taking it through the skin wont make any difference, that it needs to be taken orally in order to really increase levels. can anyone weigh in on this?

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  1. Transdermal magnesium supplementing is very important part of our protocol. Foot soaks, mag ahol, mag oil all are part of are protocol.

  2. Can't say it's definitive proof that magnesium oil is effective, but I spray it on my dogs paws (as a rule they're not keen on stuff put on their paws) they sigh and relax almost immediately, nor do they resist me putting it on, so for me that shows effectiveness

  3. Skin is our largest organ….it's amazing what can be absorbed.

  4. I only use trans dermal and I sure know if I miss a day or two. Proof enough for me

  5. Oh gosh he has no idea what he's talking about!!! I assure you transdermal application works… It works brilliantly…. Footbaths are best… Buy the magnesium chloride flakes and soak yr feet in a footbath twice daily…. I just put a cupful of flakes in warm / hot water and soak my feet twice a day… I've missed two days in a row and my ankles and hips are aching so bad tonight!!!

  6. I'm without my mg oil today and I feel it..already had to take a nap

  7. Invitee him to join this group! He has something to learn, for sure.

  8. for people who have issues with bowel sensitivity, transdermal is the best way to get their maggie.

  9. So if someone has kidney disease, they should not supplement magnesium, but getting it transdermally, is safe for them. Is this correct or incorrect?

  10. Everything you put on your body goes in it. Skin is the biggest organ. That's why people are so sick these days. Think of the things we put on us? Toxic. So yes it will absorb.

  11. Julie Davis
    Given his narrow understanding of the PRIMAL value of transdermal Mag, I'd question anything & everything he renders an opinion on…

    Is that the ONLY health food store option?…


  12. Besides Amazon where do I buy the mg chloride flakes?

  13. Half the time people in stores think they know something…but they really don't. I have had a similar experience. Do not rely on what store nutrition people have to say!

  14. What do you all recommend for best results as a transdermal spray

  15. Make the Mag a hol on this page…it really is the best. I use it every single day after my shower or if I have any pain.

  16. Julie Davis Man in the store was wrong.

  17. There was a store nutrition person advising someone about depression when I walked by the other day. She told her to use this bracelet and every time she had a negative thought pop the bracelet and snap out of it….I was like are you kidding me?!?! That was a well known health food store….

  18. Check out ancient minerals website. They have a lot of very good information. All on magnesium.

  19. if magnesium does not penetrate transdermally, then why are there hormone patches, creams and nicotic patches and pain control patches used by Dr's dealing with only pain control;. What a goof ball this person was.

  20. I will point out, that any firefighter that goes through hazmat training they learn quickly which chemicals go the fastest through the skin. It's why they have the horrid washing stations stripping down anyone that came in contact of the chemical to "wash it off their skin"

  21. BS Your skin is the "lungs of your body"

  22. Our skin is the largest organ of the body.

  23. Ironically I'm a firefighter too.

  24. The skin is permeable. As with most membranes the permeability rate is a function of what you're trying to pass through it. Now I'm only guess on this but I'd think that magnesium dissolved in vodka would have a higher rate than it would when dissolved in water.

  25. to anyone/ everyone: based on your answers, should i gather that taking mag transdermally is the BEST and fastest way to increase absorption and increase mag levels ?

  26. I call b.s. it's my main method!

  27. I swear by "Mag-a-hol!" Sorry, but the health food store employee is misinformed. I spray some on every single night, usually my back and I can tell when it kicks in.

  28. Transdermal patches work! So does the oil x

  29. Wow, I would tell the manager or owner of the store.

  30. I have restless leg and muscle cramps often. You can literally see the contractions melt away when the mag-a-hol is sprayed on during a cramp.

  31. Wow that's crazy talk 😀 I work in a health food store and I spent some of the day talking to people about mag oil. I explain that I think it's one of the best ways and that if someone was serious they would consider transdermal, oral and foods. I work out what level of interest they have whilst I'm talking to them. If they're really interested I show them a food chart & tell them about co factors 😀 There's a reason Dr Sircus wrote a book on Transdermal Magnesium. Would have been a short book according to the shop guy you saw 😉

  32. I know I'm in a minority having the level of interest I do and working in a health food shop. In our shop I have some training but will go on to complete studies and become a practitioner and the other girl I work with has just completed her naturopathy 4 year qualification. We will both move on in time but for now that is where you find us educating and doing our best 🙂 I still have a thank you card from a customer who says the mag supp changed her life and she'd tried so much. She still hugs me in the street if she sees me it's really sweet 🙂

  33. This is what magnesium can do for someone 🙂 She wouldn't mind me sharing it. It's the card she sent me. Based on what I learnt here and from reading, reading, reading 🙂

  34. He's wrong.

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