Traveling with Celiac really stinks


Traveling with Celiac really stinks. Sorry to be so negative, but it isn’t easy – it’s hard to bring food on business trips – and there is nothing great to eat at the airport. So, that brings me to my question……..any travel trips that you can share with a newbie??

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  1. I find that plain old tacos on corn tortillas are usually pretty safe. Lord knows theres plenty of taquerias out there

  2. Maybe planning is the best option. I went to Moscow they have nothing lol even no options in the supermarket only a luxery one… it was baaaaad… But I learned to plan. 1) bring your bread to toast. 2) rent a flat with a kichenette never a hotel… if the country is not familiar with gf diet. 3) Bring from home a plastic container cook your meal in the early morning and take it with your fruit and gf cookies… I did this and worked fine however I missed some bread…

  3. I am now in Helsinki this city is similar to The UK paradise for celiacs make research first and find out the eliac association they will give ypu the link of the most important gf stores and restaurants and can help with the translation of a few words…

  4. I always have ensure with me and protein bars.

  5. once i thought my meal was gluten free , at least it “LOOKED” like gluten-free, the minute i landed i went to the bathroom about 7 times…Tomato paste…from thereon, i only buy gluten free tomato paste or sauce

  6. Bring food with you, that is the best tip I can provide. Always have a Kind bar in your purse. In airports you can usually find fruit and salads. Bring your own crackers. Sit down restaurants can work, if you talk to the server and find out what they might have that you can eat, but you need to be careful. The higher priced places seem to understand and do better. I’ve even had them clean the grill for me to make the food. Try not to get super hungry and try to have some fun!

  7. We took our Instant Pot on vacation.

  8. Always carry food stuff in your registered luggage. Bread, crackers, energy bars… they’re Life savers

  9. If you fly through Philadelphia there’s a place with gluten free fish and chips and gluten free onion rings that taste so good I actually route through there whoever I can

  10. It is.very hard! I bring my own food. It is really eAsier. I travel for work 4 to 5 days a month. I always make sure there is a fridge in my hotel room and stop at a grocery store on the way to the hotel from airpory to get salad items. I pack tupperware in my luggage. This is easier than depending on someone else to ensure I stay gluten and dairy free

  11. I guess i’m not as sensitive. I eat out regularly and wing it if i have to, there’s always salad and a piece of grilled chicken or hamburger no bun. The only thing I really pack is my shakeology to put my supplements in.

  12. Don’t be afaird to ask questions most airports well like Philly and Baltimore etc have some nice places. In philly I got a salmon bagel minus the bagel with gf bread and cream cheese. Just go to places that look a little fancier sometimes not always they are safer. Or grab a bag of that popcorn kettle something i cant remember the name the certified gf popcorn perfect plane snack. Also Chipotle is in alot of airports

  13. We always try to book something with a kitchen or kitchenette. That way we can cook/reheat food

  14. Look at the airports website ahead of time but still be prepared with bars and such. We went to chipotle and they were out of corn shells!

  15. are you an athlete….bring fruit and buy more

  16. Unfortunately I brought a lot of crackers and I ate a lot of fruit not exactly what I wanted to do on vacation but I also didn’t want to pay the price for an choosing to eat something I wasn’t sure of

  17. Bring crackers. I also pack glutenfree diet shakes. Instead of buffet breakfast which can be bad. There is a webpage with cards in different languages. They ll tell the chef what you can eat. I found them online.

  18. There are some apps you might want look for from goggle, and install on your cell phone.

  19. Cafe Yumm are great at gluten free and popping up in many airports.

  20. I always get sick during and after vacations. Two or three days of restaurant food and my body is in a lot of pain

  21. “Find Me Gluten Free” App has been great!! I have it on my phone….


    Jacket potatoes!! Cook them wrap them in tin foil and then if all else fails just get some cheese!

  22. Buy before you go

  23. I travel for work almost weekly. I agree that bringing a few snacks with you is a good idea. That way, when you are hungry, you don’t make bad decisions. However, I don’t have much trouble navigating a menu. Salads, proteins, veggies, potato, rice, eggs are all pretty easy. Some substitutions are easy – corn tortillas for a taco, vinegar & Oil, if they don;t have a gf option, lettuce wrap for a sandwich instead of bread, veggie for a pasta side, grilled instead of fried, Even many restaurants are using rice flour to fry crispy; ask. I am always appreciative of a menu with GF marked, but today, most wait staff can tell you or ask the chef.

  24. I travel weekly (1 to 2 days) I make ziplock bags of veggies and add a drizzle of dressing. For dinner I use the app “find me gluten free” for something more substantial and yogurt w/fruit for breakfast usually found at a coffee shop.

  25. starbucks has a gf sandwich now too in a wrapper

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