Tried 1 teaspoon of the borax CONCENTRATE


Tried 1 teaspoon of the borax CONCENTRATE yesterday and I felt like I was on crack all day. It did not feel good. Why would this happen?

Edited to add: The concentrate is 1 teaspoon of Borax mixed with 1 liter of water.
The standard dose is 1 teaspoon of this liquid solution called the “Concentrate.”

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  1. Too much, too fast for you. Some have no problems with that much or more. It could be causing detox or killing Candida. Just start with a smaller amount and stick with it a while, then increase slowly.

  2. Megan Lynn Lamphear

  3. That's A LOT

  4. Yikes! Make the borax solution then work up to a teaspoon of that in your water. Borax solution: 1 teaspoon Borax dissolved in 1 liter of water.

  5. the same borax that kills ants?

  6. Detox. Drink plenty of water to flush toxins

  7. The standard dose is 1 teaspoon of the Concentrate.
    That's what I used. It's such a small amount already. My husband tried too and he was fine. I was not. Just too much for me.


  8. I painted a boron solution under the house, all the floorboards and joists and joins… to prevent termite damage. it is poison. I use Borax powder sprinkled around citrus trees so ants do not go up and leave sooty mold all over the leaves. ….BE ABSOLUTELY CAREFUL… Borax is also used to preserver dried flowers. My mother used powdered borax from a pharmacy for something though, when I was a child, but I do not know what for. BORON is often lacking in soils where fruit and veges grow and the agricultural additive to the soil, is needed.

  9. It is not a poison. Please don't say that it is an essential mineral

  10. Evette Michaelis Garcia, can you be more specific about how you were feeling? Speedy? what exactly was it like..? I had hoped to get the testing (HTTM) done prior to the price increase and the very long wait time especially since I have had a heart attack and some heart muscle damage. Purchased it and now debating..

  11. Testing is one thing. The detox with the borax will be another

  12. Should the concentrate be refrigerated or doesn't it matter?

  13. Wow…that's a lot. I took 1/4 tsp. In 24oz of water and drank it throughout the day and couldn't sleep and it gave me the runs. I'll stick to 3 mg boron capsule which I know isn't enough but I don't dare take more.

  14. And some take alot more like 30 mg daily fore iodine protocol I take 30 mg daily 1/8 tsp borax daily

  15. I STILL can't fathom folks drinking a Borax solution….

  16. Borax is boron. Borax is boron salt

  17. sounds like you took way to much. I thought you made the concentrate, then take a small amount from that. From what i've read it's good to start slow and increase slowly. Hope you fell calmer soon! 😀 edit to explain attached. It's a google shot showing recipe and how to use it. 🙂


  18. Make the concentrate – then dilute that. I have used the diluted solution in the past and had no reaction

  19. Take much less and see how you go. When you are comfortable, increase the amount. Just my 2 cents.

  20. It is my understanding that one teaspoon of Borax concentrate has 3mg of boron.
    Eat three to five prunes and see if you have the same reaction.

  21. Adding Borax/Boron and Epsom Salts to the water for your vegetables may be beneficial also – it is a deficiency of minerals in our foods which has contributed to health challenges.

  22. I enjoy all of this, but I won't be drinking what I kill ants with. I'll keep it for my laundry thanks.

  23. Kay if you use it to kills ants you might want to check out the chemical spec sheet to see how it works– it also inhibits plant growth & several other things– I won't use it on the ants next to the garden or near where the outside dogs lay just for this reason

  24. so- add some diluted Borax to your vege patch. Then you will be 'supplementing' natually

  25. My eyesight is improving as I up my dose, Clarity has improved some as well,,,

  26. For the garden the dose is 1 tbsp per 100 sq ft. You can dissolve it in water and then distribute it like that. It doesn't take much and is toxic to plants in high doses.

  27. There is a "20 Mule Team Borax" that has something else in it. You might have that one instead of the regular one? I got an "Arm and Hammer Baking Soda" once that was not the pure one,,,, it had other stuff in it…… I've also gotten apple cidar vinegar that was not apple cidar vinegar……

  28. 20 Mule team is sodium tetraborate, it's a salt of boron, hence its powdered form.
    There's no other additive, that's why we use it.

  29. What I was trying to say is there is a product made by 20 Mule Team Borax that looks just like the one with plain borax but they've added something else in it. I forget what it is that they put in with it, but it looks like the regular one. I take the borax and soak in it and buy it regularly and I've seen the other one. Easy to confuse them and I thought maybe she has the wrong one. I did buy the wrong Baking soda once and it tasted terrible and made me sick…..

  30. Even that concentrate makes my skin crawl, feels like I am being eaten by ants or something, takes ages for it to subside. I almost feel like I need to take an antihistamine to get rid of the feeling.

  31. OK, today I came across some Harper's Powdered Borax under the laundry sink cupboard. It says it is a stain remover, a natural deodoriser, and a fabric softener. It warns to keep out of the reach of children and Cautions, Do not swallow. Not to be taken warnings over the top of the plastic jar also. So is this a different borax or the same sort of borax that people are taking here.????

  32. Are you using tap water for this? I wanna try it or do i need distilled water or what.

  33. I made a note on it with many references

  34. Is there a book on Borax anyone can recommend. Just a booklet or something? I looked on Amazon… could not find anything.

  35. No book. There is a large thread over 1000 responses in the files plus lots of information in the files

  36. If you read this entire thread there is a link

  37. borax what I can drink
    Purchase here

  38. I bought articles if iherb and got hit with a £19 tax and duty charge in a £35 spend delivered to uk. So intop of 5.54 Shipping it cost me £24.54 – so beware if ordering from uk

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