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Suffering for 2 years now, after I moved into a moldy basement for a few months during a transition. I’m a mess, been to naturopath, chiropractors, won’t waste my money on MDs. Tried every supplement under the sun. Only time I ever felt good was doing the gerson therapy after an ovarian cancer scare. I know I have high candida from a stool sample 10 years ago. I crave sugar and alcohol. Have had yellow peeling skin around my nose and has spread to my mouth, it peels and weeps plasma. I eat better than most people. Can’t figure out what’s wrong. also have chronic diahreah. I have no money for blood tests for at least a few months, just can’t suffer any more. I don’t even want to go out in public. Pic in the comments. Had anyone else experienced a similar symptom and had success on this protocol.

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  1. I am sorry for your significant suffering. No fun.
    But, please, no photos.

    I would start slowly on the Root Cause Protocol. If you are not yet familiar with it, you will find it in the PInned Post at the top of this page.

    Best wishes for your recovery, it can be done.

  2. The mold can be the cause of a lot of this. The mold in my house has affected my joints. Everyone is different.

  3. Is there a link where I can print the root cause protocol.?

  4. You will probably think "meh

  5. Are you still living in the moldy basement??? If so, get out ASAP. We lived in Guatemala until our youngest son nearly died from mold allergies. It's a tropical, temperate climate with a 5-month rainy season. Molds are ridiculously high all year. His allergy initially presented as atopic dermatitis (eczema) and progressively worsened over 2 1/2 years until he had chronic intestinal inflammation, chronic bronchitis, and chronic sinus infection. We almost lost him. We had to move back to my home, which seemed to be the only cure. We tried every diet change known to man, every natural remedy, and this protocol. While having a healthy diet, following healthy regimens, and doing the protocol are fantastic, you will not be well until you get away from the mold and detox it from your body.. Mold is poison and no healthy protocols will cure it as long as you are exposed to it. Take care of yourself and get away from the mold. ️

  6. i am not living there any longer, but haven't felt well since i left

  7. Could cbd oils help!?

  8. I'm the same I have no idea how to get it out of my body, I'm about to try NAC, charcoal, goldenseal and echinacea.
    I got a sinus infection just over a year ago and it's still going I'm so Chronically unwell

  9. does any of the genetic MTHFR stuff factor into this? or does this protocol fix those pathways too.

  10. i don't have to STOP anything, Yay i'm already not doing any of that. The only thing i don't have on the START list is the Taurine and my bee pollen might be a little old.

  11. how far ahead can you make the adrenal cocktail?

  12. These arent protocol supplements, but they've been very helpful for my son for yeast overgrowth (while treating adhd). I give him a fudge square daily that contains pycogenol, grapefruit seed extract, and lecithin. Yes it's fudge, yes it has sugar, but wow has his immune system thrived and inflammation dropped dramatically on it. I like to think that the sugar in the fudge lures the yeast and then the pycogenol and grapefruit seed kill off yeast.

  13. 10 miles south of Michigan ND, 1 hour from grand forks

  14. Have you looked into yeast overgrowth?

  15. i am very yeasty….can't get it under control. i think the mold exposure was like pouring gasoline on a fire

  16. This group is great for getting your health in check but I strongly urge you to join the mold and morgellons support group on fb to treat your mold issues …

  17. Try Coriander for the candida and digestive problems half tsp of the crushed seed morning and night for a week to ten days. Cleared up my digestive issues.

  18. Read “Surviving Mold” by Ritchie Shoemaker and see if you can get the blood tests done, he has a protocol to clear the mycotoxins but need to read the book, get at the library.
    Also to learn more about mycotoxins

  19. Besides the protocol look into deuterium depleting diet,stay away from EMF as much as possible and live by circadian rhythm.Sunshine and cold therapy would do wonders too.

  20. You can get rid of mold from doing Ozone sauna or hyperbaric treatments. I know several people at my doctor who got rid of it!

  21. I have ozone air purifier in my home. I also have a far infra red sauna. We are currently remodeling and I can't use it for a few months.

  22. No. You need an Ozone Sauna. Way more effective. Google in your area. I have a spa near me that I started but machine is from 2000 they got in from Canada then this year my functional medical provider got a newer model the Holcatt. I only need to do 30 minutes I want to say 50 plus settings. Lyme, mold, parasites, yeast, kidney, lymph, cardiac, its amazing.

  23. No ozone sauna in my area. I'm out in the middle of nowhere in north Dakota, 1 hour away from grand forks. Not much up here

  24. Besides the protocol, Google Dnrs. Your limbic system is affected when you are in contact with mold.

  25. Google ‘impetigo'. A staph infection on the skin.. Very common and easily treated.

    I've had it(long story) I used salt compresses/soaks

  26. Google FMT. There are support groups available.

  27. Whats skin and nature got in common. The sun. UV even in winter

    Many have commented on lots already. I also know most hibernate inside way to much.

  28. Look into Dave Asprey (Bulletproof guy).. He suffered major mold issues and did a lot of research to repair all the damage. He has a lot of info so don't let it overwhelm you. Get his book if you can but if not just start listening to his podcast (Bulletproof Radio). He + my holistic medical group is what lead me to the Morley Protocol but I was already on the path to health from all his useful information.

  29. Diamataceous earth on protocol is amazing for internal toxin mould removal. Good luck

  30. It's cheap and simple to use

  31. I've got that too!

  32. De is brilliant for candida removal too. Google on u tube for more info.

  33. Use a Rife machine !!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't say it loud enough

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