Tried oxide, citrate and magnesium chloride spray


Hi, I’m new here and I joined this page to ask one question. Would anyone be able to help with suggestions as to why I would have such a bad reaction to taking magnesium? I have tried oxide, citrate and magnesium chloride spray. But I seem unable to take even low doses without palpitations, sometimes anxiety and always insomnia. I was a great sleeper before magnesium. I always give up after a few days of horrible sleep. Within 48 hours of no magnesium my sleep and anxiety return to normal. Can anyone suggest why this might be? I’d be so grateful for any pointers.

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  1. We had oxalate dumping from mag supplementation.

  2. Thanks Katie. I did read Carolyn Dean's article. She seems to suggest you are either taking too much or too little. I just wondered if others had had the same issue and that there was some sort of consensus. I am very nervous about taking more Mg.

  3. First thing is to get HTMA and RBC mag test as minimum.

  4. You just might be intolerant to magnesium.

  5. Or possibly intolerant to oxygen and/or water.

  6. I had same effects but I think one reaction was due to taking too much glycinate (ie 900 mg mag glycinate) and one was due to the chloride (concentrated mag chloride in the form of mag oil on bottom of feet at bedtime) throwing off my blood sugar. Epsom foot soaks work fine and oral mag chloride or low level mag glycinate. U just have to find the type that works for u. But I agree to get levels tested, take mags' cofactors and do the adrenal cocktail for potassium because mag can throw thar off. Are u hydrating very well? Mag is a thirsty mineral.

  7. It's also possible that you really do have enough magnesium in your body, and taking it as a supplement is throwing you OUT of equilibrium. It's not likely, but it *IS* a possibility,and an HTMA and/or mag RBC will tell if if that's the case.

    If not, the testing will show what your body does need- it's possible you'll need to fix some other mineral imbalance before you'll be able to comfortably add in the magnesium.

  8. If there were someone intolerant to magnesium they would be dead. It is like saying they could not tolerate oxygen. You need both to survive. It is a type and dosage issue. Also you may need to balance it with potasssium and or boron.

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