Trying to get my sugar, cholesterol, Vit D, etc


Trying to get my sugar, cholesterol, Vit D, etc regulated at the moment. Diagnosed Hashimoto’s 1mos ago. Hypo 10 ish yrs. my question is I’m starting to get some sinus crap. I’v been tired cause of Vit d. With Hashimoto’s being an autoimmune disease…….
(1.)R we more susceptible to get sick ( w anything)
(2.) does it last longer than someone that doesn’t hav Hashimoto’s??
(3.) if sick is it more severe feeling crappy ????

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  1. Hashi’s doesn’t make you have a lower immunity…. HOWEVER, being hypo does, it can take longer to heal because we do not have enough thyroid hormone and every cell in our bodies need thyroid hormone.

  2. From what I’ve read yes, yes, and yes. If you have hashimotos your immune system is generally out of wack. Your th1 and th2 are most likely out of balance. Most people with hashis are th1 dominate. You also have to be careful what you take when you’re sick, immune stimulates can trigger a hashis flair. I am definitely getting sick more often and staying sick longer.

  3. From my experience, I don’t get sick very often (which makes sense since our antibodies are high), but when I do get sick, I get REALLY sick! And it lasts twice as long as it should (which also makes sense because our antibodies are to busy attacking us instead of the invading illness).

  4. I have no idea if this is related or relevant, I’ve often wondered but been too embarrassed to post but I have a running nose all the time. It never stops. I do live in the Ohio valley so people ignore me about ‘allergies’ but at 45 this is just in the last 2 yrs it doesn’t stop. I’m sure I annoy people sniffling. I get nose bleeds too. I’ve often wondered if anyone has sinus symptoms or this is just me.

  5. I hardly ever get sick

  6. Sinus symptoms are a symptom of under medicated if you don’t have actual allergies, it is usually caused by swelling of the neck (goiter), your nose bleeds set off alarms for me, please have your Iron, ferritin, CBC, CMP, B12 and folate checked.\nDry nose can cause nose bleeds but not usually a constant runny nose. Please look up CFS leak and see if that applies to you or you symptoms. Christine Cain Early

  7. We’ve checked for goiter each visit & I don’t know what all labs he just ran last week. I DO know I had virtually zero vitamin D. I just started supplementing.

  8. You might try cutting back on dairy products. I get congestion, sore throat, sinus headache & earache when I eat dairy.

  9. I rarely get sick.

  10. I just spoke with my functional medical nurse practitioner. The sinus stuff is going around. I have a dry cough I can’t seem to shake. It comes and goes with a low grade temperature. \n\nMissy, are you eating healthy? Try and avoid carbs (breads and processed foods) that are not healthy and sugars. Eat lots of green vegetables except avoid all starchy ones. You can get your protein from tofu, organic beef, organic chicken, raw almonds/nuts, wild caught fish. The best fruits for anti-oxidents are berries. Organic is best. Also increase vitamin D to 15,000 for 3 days. You want to try and avoid anti-biotics ( if at all possible ) as they damage our guts. Are you on a good pro-biotic?

  11. I rarely get sick. Now if I am under stress well my hashi flare ups are unbearable

  12. No I do not get every sickness that goes around the neighborhood, and if I do get sick I heal about the same speed as people who do not have Hashimoto’s.

  13. My Dr said dairy can trigger mucus and phlegm buildup.

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