tTG antibody test has come back extremely high


From what I can understand, my sons tTG antibody test has come back extremely high (200 U/mL)? Does a higher score imply this has been ongoing for a long time/that there is more damage? At the time of the test, because of him vomitting, we did have him eating (What we now know to be) the worst possible things for him-toast, digestives, crackers as he was on a bland diet because of the vomitting-could this also have contributed to this high figure? Thank you

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  1. No, it relates to how much gluten you have been eating

  2. following. I have the same question on this test.Could your # be falsely exaggerated due to consuming a higher than normal amount of gluten.

  3. No. A higher score means there is more damage. Time frame really does not equate to the amount of damage. The score is really about how massively the immune system decides to fight.

    It sounds like you might be feeling a bit guilty. If I am wrong, please ignore what follows. OK?
    You did the best that you could. That is all we can do. Children don’t come with handbooks because every human is different. You have the answer now. Accept that you are doing a good job and now you are here asking questions. That is a sign of a great and loving parent. You are a GREAT MOM!

  4. Unfortunately my daughter was at 250 a year ago. In august it dropped to 66 and her visit last week it went back up to 100. I’m so upset and feel like a failure as a mom. I feel since August when she was at 66 we have been so good with watching everything she eats. If anytime can chime in and relate I’d love to hear feedback.

  5. My daughters ttg was 36 but all biopsied areas showed moderate to severe damage. Lower number yet significant damage. Not sure how the numbers should correlate.

  6. I was tested just to be tested by my dr. My number was greater than 300 on 1/15 (Ttg/IgA) I did pass the celiac panel. I was in shock since I had no symptoms. I was coming off a 3 week gluten fest (literally) from an Italian Christmas in NY!!. I also had a horrible infection and was on 2 antibiotics for 3 weeks as well as under a great deal of stress from a personal situation. I begged my dr to let me redo my labs. I did what I called a “gut rehab” and did tons of water daily with lemon, green tea every night, ginger, probiotics and vitamins, walking and meditation. I ate healthier , but there was no regard to CC and I did consume gluten items. On 2/16 my number was 111 and again I passed my celiac panel. I don’t see GI until 5/1. If anyone can please give me insight on the HUGE drop in numbers in 4 weeks time. It would be greatly appreciated. I plan on continuing my gut rehab until I can talk to a dr. I’m also 44 yrs old and I’ve read that adults take longer to heal. I’m in good health, I take no meds and just have a peanut/ tree nut allergy. There are no autoimmune diseases that I’m aware of in my immediate family.

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