Type one diabetes, and appears to have iron overload


Please help! My son is 9 years old, has just been diagnosed with type one diabetes, and appears to have iron overload. I am swimming in lab results and trying to learn to be his pancreas and would love help understanding his results, what might help him, and what labs to request. He also frequently complains of joint pain and shin splints after physical activity (and sometimes during the night), and stomach pain after eating.

154 Range: 27-164 (mcg/dL)

262 Range: 271-448 (mcg/dL (calc))

59% Range: 8-48 (% (calc))

95 Range: 14-79 (ng/mL)

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  1. Poor boy. He is fortunate that he has you to help!

  2. Chronic Conditions
    From Morley:

    Lack of Bioavailable Copper coupled with an EXCESS of Unbound Iron is the PERFECT foundation for Chronic conditions that we are taught — like Circus Bears — are "disease

  3. My son was diagnosed T1 a year ago when 9yrs also. The best thing you can do in regard to management of insulin and blood sugar is to go low carb. preferably low carb Paleo is healthiest. I'm currently doing 60-70g carb per day with my son. But many following Dr Bernstein are doing 30g per day. I'm just comfortable at my carb count now and we have good safe management, an A1c of 5.2% and we get to sleep at night most of the time. There is alot that can help make T1 management easier. I'm happy to help. I'm just travelling at the moment and on my phone but will try to answer questions if you have any. So sorry you are dealing with this. It's really a huge shock when it happens. I still have days of disbelief. *Hugs*

  4. Rosita's CLO

  5. Hugs sister

  6. I have 2 Type 1 sons so I know this journey. I would like to say investigate whether he has a celiac gene and antibodies. If he has the gene he has high likelihood of being celiac even if no anti bodies are detected.

  7. It's a blood test apparently. Am going to do it myself. Both my parents carried the gene and one of my brothers is celiac and now his 7 yr Old is celiac also. The antibody test is not conclusive as the only conclusive way is with an endoscope and they take 4 biopsies . My nephew showed no antibodies from the blood test but positive from the biopsy results.
    According to Morley iron overload has everything to do with diabetes.

  8. Sarita Lisa the gene mutation for celiac is within the HLA-DR gene. Freedom and recently were tested for this, as it's also the gene which makes one more susceptible to biotoxin illness. We are both positive, which means we are part of the 25% of the population who can't clear mold spores from our bodies after we breathe them in. Hence the mold in our home affecting us so severely. But freedom also has the specific mutation within the HLA-DR gene which is a marker for celiac. It is done by Lab Corp, and all insurance, including medi-cal/medical-care covers the test for this gene. I have the insurance code for the HLA-DR test, and the Dr will have to hand write the test on a prescription pad as most clinics don't routinely run these genetic tests. I can share if you like.

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