Unfortunately, I get pretty overwhelmed very easily


Hi everyone! I’m new to the group and have really been trying to absorb as much information as possible/read as many files as I can. Unfortunately, I get pretty overwhelmed very easily (the whole anxiety thing) plus having a high needs one year old doesn’t make for a lot of extra time. My biggest question is do most individuals go through with the HTMA and coaching or do most just sort of shoot in the dark starting off with different supplements or protocols? I sincerely feel I would benefit from a more individualized/one on one approach as I suffer from a whole host of health issues but also need to take into account my exclusively breastfed child. I also believe I may be deficient in other areas outside of mag. Does the individual coaching address other minerals? (These may be questions for the admin so just let me know if it is probably best to pm someone). TIA!!!

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  1. Work with a reputable practitioner and get a test, wish I had initially, would have saved me time and money. The test, pending you get a consult from someone who really understands the science of NB, will reveal a wealth of info about your particular biochemistry and eliminate the guesswork. Most people are mag deficient so prob helpful to supplement with some to start out with.

  2. Get these blood tests and the HTMA. They go far beyond the foundational mineral, Magnesium, and provide a tailored plan.
    Your doc can order the blood tests, or you can.

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