Unsweetened almond milk or unsweetened coconut milk


Still trying to figure all this health stuff out and restore my health… so much to learn that doctor’s never tell you… read that regular cow’s milk is bad… Going to try to switch over to either unsweetened almond milk or unsweetened coconut milk. Which is better and which brand? Or is it just a matter of preference?

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  1. Raw milk is illegal in Louisiana

  2. Either, try different ones to taste, i like hazelnut milk too

  3. Raw milk for us too.

  4. Almond and coconut milks in a carton contain binders you may not do well with like guar acacia or caragean gum . A major gut irritant and high inflammatory additive. I have to use canned coconut milk – ingredients coconut and water only.

  5. something I just learned about the almond milk.. if you are going to drink it – the "silk" brand is better. The other has a carcinogen in it . don't remember what – I am going to ask my friend and will update

  6. For those who said raw milk us illegal in their states, it is in my state (TN) as well, BUT- it is legal for pet consumption and also legal if bought as a herd share. So go to a local farmer's market and find a seller. They cannot legally say it's for sale for humans, but it is. They'll have you buy into a share, where you pay an upfront fee, maybe a monthly fee/per jar or something like that. I've been getting raw milk for several years, in a state where it's technically illegal to sell for human consumption. 🙂

  7. I love raw milk also and it's surprisingly legal here in California but with a price tag of $15/gallon.

  8. Look for a nut milk without carrageenan

  9. Raw milk is not the same as pasteurized milk. Love, love, love my raw goat milk!

  10. Silk because no carrageen in it
    I like the unsweetened almond milk

  11. Make your own coconut or almond milk. It's not hard. If not, canned coconut milk. This one is bpa free and comes in organic or not.

  12. Those cartons of Silk have calcium carbonate and D2 added, among other synthetic vitamins and questionable ingredients.

  13. Make your own if you choose to drink the nut milks

  14. make your own-it's cheaper and faster-pretty much all almond milk you find on the market have only a few almonds per liter and many other additives-you only have to soak your almond overnight and then blend them really well and strain the puld that remains.blend it until it makes foam on the surface

  15. I like coconut or cashew milk ….

  16. Andrea, could you elaborate a little bit on your recipe for almond milk, you soak the almonds overnight and was that strain the pulp? and then do you add water, how much?, and with no preservatives how many days would you estimate this way of having real almond milk would last in your refrigerator? Thanks so much.

  17. Why not going organic milk?
    Something without antibiotics, hormone,steroid free and grass fed?

    The myth about milk is horrible.

  18. Do you have access to raw cow's milk.

  19. Almond milks are all fortified with calcium too. Usually calcium carbonate.

  20. Coconut milk, you can make your own very fast and cheap, Costco sells organic coconut milk

  21. I prefer coconut milk. And I agree with everyone that it is soooo much better and tastier to make your own.

  22. I make my own almond milk. Soak 1/2 cup of raw organic almonds overnight in distilled or filtered water with a little sea salt. In the morning strain and rinse well. Put in the blender with 3 cups of water. Blend on low until the nuts are pretty incorporated then on high for a minute or so. Strain through a nut milk bag first (bought one at whole foods for $3) and then strain again through a coffee filter, I have a Chemex that I use. I store in glass jars in the refrigerator and It usually lasts me a week. I usually a pinch of salt and have read recipes where people add a date and or vanilla if you like it a little more sweet

  23. I have made my own almond milk.It was the best tasting milk i have ever had! But it only stays good 2-3 days.After a few times of making it i just couldnt continue every 3rd day.I also have not been able to find any coconut or almond milk with out the added D and other crud in them.

  24. Have you considered that you don't need any milk or milk substitutes? I would only use homemade I think if you do want it. The commercial ones seem to be trying to copy milk. They add things like calcium and synthetic vitamins. I have always clung to my dairy products when people said they are not good for us, but I am reconsidering. I think we are getting too much calcium and in a form that we're not using properly, since the majority of HTMA's are showing high calcium being excreted in hair. Plus the milk is from animals that have to grow a huge body in a few months' time. Humans take 18 years to grow their adult body and don't consume their mother's milk more than a year or two. Populations that drink dairy milk have the highest incidence of osteoporosis.

  25. I hadn't been able to drink milk for 30 years, then I discovered raw milk. I love it!! I switch back and forth between cow and goat milk. I also make my own coconut milk and nut milk using walnuts and Brazil nuts.

  26. I'd steer clear of almond milk that you don't make yourself. And know that though regular cow milk is absolutely terrible for you, that raw milk is quite healthful/healing for most.

  27. Raw milk has done nothing but good for my family and for many, many friends. And countless others. A local pediatrician drinks it himself and prescribes it for patients. One needs to be sure to get it from a reliable source.

  28. If one has never had raw milk, it is best to start extremely slowly, tiny amt only, to give the gut a chance to repopulate. It healed our lactose intolerance (which turned out to be like most cases, actually a matter of pasteurization intolerance!), healed my DIL's asthma, etc.

  29. Be careful of ingesting too many oxalates with almond milk. I prefer coconut or we do a herd share to get raw milk.

  30. Raw milk

  31. Diane, it really depends. Many folks like me don't AK test (Applied Kinesiology)well for coconut products. Have you ever tried learning to AK self testing? I practice Applied Kinesiology, and have tested myself and many clients since the 80s. I am one that thinks that everyone should learn AK "self testing". When you get a hang of it, you can expect ur body to tell you answers to specific questions like "is almond milk good for my whole family or just for me?" etc. It is totally worth the practice to learn. AK has saved me SO much $ + time over the years! Check out this video Dr. David Leaf teaches self testing + addresses the common misconceptions of Applied Kinesiology x3Chttp://wp.me/p4U83G-FQ

  32. Almond milk seems to be emerging as the de facto cow's milk substitute, if only because it tastes fine and it's not expensive. Yeah, it's got undesirable additives but most seem to look the other way rather than bothering to make their own almond milk. I've been drinking almond milk for the past five years. I cringe at thinking of all that calcium carbonate I've gulped down. But since my diet is otherwise darn good I am able to keep my magnesium RBC level at 6.5 with very little supplementation. So for myself, and I am not telling anyone else what to do, living with store bought almond milk has been fine.

    I should add that cashew milk is okay also. Store bought coconut milk tastes too sweet, rice milk tastes water and soy milk, um…, has soy in it. 😉

  33. Why the fixation on white fluids?

  34. Personally I prefer raw (unpastuerized) grass fed, organic cows milk. I don't do well on the processed stuff with all the additives and I tolerate the cows milk fine. Also, raw grass fed goats milk is good, but it does not have the flavor that I like. Everyone is different.

  35. MJ, I use white fluids in my morning smoothie! What does breakfast look like for you?

  36. All animal milk blocks folate….I wouldn't go there…especially if you are MTHFR or have other folate snps….

  37. It's mainly A1 cow milk from Holstein cows that causes issues it is structurally different in the beta-casein. Look for sheep's milk, goat milk, camel milk, or A2 casein cow milk from Guernsey or Jersey cows.

  38. Oh Peggy Howe Greco that's such a shame. What about raw butter? Loads of health benefits to raw butter. You can't buy raw milk in UK supermarkets but raw butter is legal so it's easier to find. We go to the farm for our milk but that's legal too here x

  39. I mostly drink my raw milk as kefir

  40. Realrawmilkfacts–allowing governments entities to control food! Hmmmm… They also don't like us consuming raw nuts, supplements, organic food . . .Just say'in

  41. also raw milk user. love it and my body craves it. I bought raw milk in Florida when i vacationed there last winter labeled as pet food. It was great.

  42. You can also get a blend of coconut and almond. I used it to cook chocolate pudding. My daughter said it taste like a mounds bar exploded in her mouth. Very happy girl.

  43. Look for A2 raw milk or whey protein. 😉

  44. Our bodies are not all the same. I don't tolerate milk or any dairy products besides butter or ghee, even if it's raw. Raw is certainly better than pasteurized for those who do well on dairy, but nobody*needs* milk in their diets at all (except for babies and young children who should be getting breastmilk.)

    Some people don't do well on coconuts, almonds, and/or the additives in many commercial "fake milks," Some people actually do better on pasteurized milk than on the milk alternatives, if they do OK on milk but don't do OK on whatever they're replacing it with.

    It's best to try and eat real, whole foods. If you want to cut out dairy, then look for meals and snacks that are naturally milk-free.

  45. Good luck with that….neither agree with me. We drink A2.

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