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Moles: So I have about 50 on my body total. Ive always had moles since I was a kid. But about the past 6 years I have been getting more and more so now up to about 50. Question is if you start using black salve would that cause your body to start making more moles? Would it aggravte something that may be doormit? I hope my question makes sense. I have cannabis oil. I applied some on about 4 moles today. Anyone know how to properly use that as well? Thanks! Oh and has anyone ever frozen any moles?

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  1. My brothers law had his frozen off, he called it burnt off , he got most off, but the smell made him sick, so he left some on

  2. Cronefest, Moy Luvverly! Xx

  3. I ahve always had moles and now getting more – there seems to be an age link of some sort – crones always had moles, Lindsay 😉

  4. Better out than in.

    However, no aggrevation which causes more.

    Teri Askew in agreement with you.

  5. I have always had moles, more than average but not too many I would say. When I was pregnant I started to get several new ones and wondered what that was all about…any theories?!

  6. There are issues with sugar which indicates that your adrenals are not doing their job.
    Drrobertmorsend videos on Order what needs to be ordered plus adrenal gland support from Morse Health Club.

  7. I think I will try that. As soon as I get back from vacation. Thanks.

  8. You can apply vinegar to them- and they will fade away. If they are some size, loose -then apply vinegar at night time and cover with a bandage- remove it the next morning–3 to 4 weeks and they fall off…Just sharing an old recipe for beauty treatments that I have used!

  9. I had heard about this study on the news a while back, so looked it up. This was just one article. I have lots of moles, so I was interested when I heard about it.

  10. Very interesting, Laura!

  11. If the moles are completely benign then the black salve will have no effect on them. Some people use the black salve as a diagnostic.

  12. Tea tree oil soaked in a cotton ball and taped on over night as often as you can will make it fall off.

  13. Just apply cannabis oil and cover with a bandaid. It should fall off in a few days.

    Black salve is perfectly safe when used correctly. I just used it to draw a small tumor out of my breast. It's aggressive and must be respected. I'd use cannabis oil first on moles.

  14. I read to put Apple cider vinegar on a bandaid and keep on about 2 weeks until mole falls off. Have not tried it yet.

  15. Google essential oils and moles . People have gotten rid of them with young living oils such as frankincense and oregano oils.

  16. Brendan Farrell have you done garlic before? Also would it cause more to grow in other areas – would this aggitate my system is the question.

  17. Lorraine Aceves I don't use anything on my skin. Haven't for years… probably 5 years. SOme people say moles are a fungus. Anyone else have ideas on how to get rid of some.

  18. I would just be very careful with your skin and what you put on it. I would no black salve them at all. Use natural soaps and lotions. I for one make soaps, but not lotions. Its scary what some of these products we put on our skin contain.

  19. In Chinese medicine they mean an energy blockage. Could be a tumor, but not necessarily. I have moles. They totally make since where thhey are located. And what I am dealing with.

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