Bit of a personal question. Does anyone know about/know anyone who has experienced a varicocele? It’s essentially a varicose vein in a sensitive spot.
Any chance something like this could be treated by diet/nutrition and getting the electrolytes back into balance/upping maggie?

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  1. not me a lady I was doulaing for – we did find some stuff out beetroot was up there but I can't reacll much else let me have a root about!

  2. google varicose and zinc. have also heard iodine and magnesium as well

  3. DH has that. When we were trying to have kids it was found. We both had issues and the testing went me/him. When it was his turn to have that fixed tho, he chickened out and never had the surgery. As the tests were getting rather painful for me, I gave up then too since he wasn't going to do his part. We never did have any kids. Now I know that my Thyroid issues may have played a bigger issue than Drs still admit.

  4. I don't know about this there is a link between varicose veins and copper deficiency. I wouldn't mess with coper and zinc (if you're copper deficient taking zinc will make it worse) get the testing. Wholefood C is good for vein health though 🙂

  5. Varicose veins are caused by thick blood so yes, Mg should help blood volume and in turn make it thinner but there are also many other root causes of thick blood

  6. If taking zinc+copper supplement, I thought that was supposed to help high unbound copper and zinc deficiency.

  7. I've noticed that since I've been increasing my Real Salt Sea Salt intake, up to at least 2 teaspoons a day… I've noticed some improvements. I've already made some improvements through physical stuff such as prasara yoga and intu-flow(joint mobility). As well as using the gokhale and foundation training methods. Just never took nutrition into consideration until now. I do nights that I take a ZMA supplement(zinc, magnesium and b6..not the most natural or bioavailable formula however) the following mornings I notice some improvements, as well as with brazil nuts. They seem to help some too. Just haven't been able to get 100%. Supposedly it is induced from stress/straining the muscles of the pelvic floor while stressed and what have you. After a while you condition the muscles of the pelvic floor to stay tight, thus cutting off some of the veins and what not that travel through that region to the legs/below the belt regions.

  8. f my varicose veins hurt

  9. non co-enzyme B6 can cause nerve pain – this happened to me, something to consider….i only take P5P

  10. Do you think this could be problematic Bill Syrjala?
    I was honestly planning on just cutting the dose in half for each day. So only taking half a pill.

  11. very bad…1,250% of non-coenzyme B6 would kill me with nerve pain

  12. I think I found a better one. New Chapter has a Co-enzyme b complex with only 9mg of b6(400% rda). Also only has 200% rda of b12 as well. So it's less. The doses are in two pills and I could just take one instead of having to cut in half.

  13. Better to use food than take vitamin supplements, true for many minerals, too.

  14. Very true brother. I may not even need it. I eat grass fed hamburgers once a week, chicken/turkey every day and I try to get a lot of tuna in my diet(with selenium from brazil nuts to help bind the mercury).
    Also a banana or two a day plus half an avocado!

  15. food doesnt work for me – without vitamins, i never would have made it through lyme

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