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Hello! I am just starting out on this journey. Dr. suspects Hashimoto’s. I have low-normal TSH and elevated antibody counts. He order a celiac panel, another TSH, free t4, b12, and complete metabolic profile yesterday to get a better idea of what I am dealing with.

My question has to do with diet. I am a vegetarian and have been reading that a paleo type diet is better for autoimmune disease. Has anyone dealt with changing their diet, and I know it’s a long shot, but going from vegetarian to paleo?

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  1. Here’s the thing, unless you’re going out and killing a mammoth and driving it home and cooking it over a fire you’re not really eating paleo anyways. There are a ton of us who didn’t change our diets and have no effect from it either way. I would wait for the results of your Celiac panel to decide on changing your diet. Also, if you’re having a lot of issues with fatigue you might want your doctor to check your vitamin D levels. If you have antibodies, then you have Hashimoto’s. You’re TSH and your other thyroid tests are an indication of how well your pituitary and thyroid glands are functioning, and if any damages been done and if so how much. how Hashimoto’s works, is essentially create antibodies that attack your thyroid and do damage. Over time this can eventually lead to hypothyroidism. That is why they check your thyroid hormone levels. During the early stages before you go to complete hypothyroidism, you may swing between hypo and hyperthyroidism as your thyroid still tries to compensate. From what I’ve read there are some people with Hashimoto’s that never go full-on hypothyroidism. You said that your TSH was a low normal. Generally speaking you want to be somewhere between 1 and 2. Lower than one and you are hyper, above 3 and you are in danger of becoming hypo. That being said tell me your other levels matter as well. Even if your TSH is fine you can still be symptomatic with other things at play such as the other levels being off, or vitamin deficiency, or a number of things. I know it probably all seems like a lot right now but it does get easier to sort through.

  2. I apologize for any mess ups in that message, I am using Speech-to-Text because I am in line to pick up my kids

  3. I saw a huge improvement when I cut out most sugars. That means breads, crackers, rice, cereal…. etc. I limit my carbs to about 100 a day. I don’t do low fat anything. I limit my fruit, too… only because I’m not a fan of fruit lol.. except strawbs and watermelon lol. I have some books about paleo, but I’m always curious how the justify a sweet potato over a regular potato lol.

  4. GF / DF here

  5. I am sorta following the paleo and supplementing with a ton of vitamins and my antibodies went from 58 to 26 in a year.

  6. I’m just starting my journey also. I was finally diagnosed on Friday and hope to get my Synthroid today but prior to that I wanted to start diet changes. I started going GF(key word start because it is a mental process for me 😉 ) along with limiting dairy and Soy free. I have now been doing all of these things for 2 weeks and these last few days have been amazing!! I’m not sure if it is coincidence or if it really is the diet change but I will definitely take it!! I actually feel like I have energy again and I”m not as moody! I still have a lot to learn and experiment with but this is a nice start for me!

  7. I’m hurting so bad I can’t eat gluten,corn,dairy,eggs,soy,sugar, and most fruits like apples they make my swell and bloat to the point of chest pain

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