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I am inspired by this group. I want to go back to school to be a nutritionist or an ND or a health coach. I have a BS in Psychology and an AA in Communications. I live in Virginia. Can you recommend a reputable online school? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Dr. Mary Reed offers online classes that start up again in the fall.

  2. Talk to Bastyr. That's a good school.

  3. I'm a Certified Health Counselor/Coach. I spent a long time researching schools and did it online in just a couple years. I LOVED the process and it was totally doable with my work schedule at the time. Currently in school for my Family Herbalist certification online. PM me if you need help, I'd be happy to point you in the right direction!

  4. I'm interested, too, but I'm in Canada.

  5. Megan Kerkhoff, I'm very interested. I'm in Texas and would love information.

  6. Julia Dehondt!!!!

  7. Ontario Canada here. Just finished Nursing school and want to do more than just give prescribed medications! I actually want to help people to be healthy again. Would love to learn more how to do that? Do you have to have a doctorate to advise?

  8. Megan Kerkhoff, I would love information on where to start.

  9. University of bridgeport CT well respected ..

  10. I messaged you, Tricia McDowell Ojeda and Kristina Norville

  11. Julia Dehondt- I'm not sure what the regulations are in Canada, but here you don't need a doctorate to practice as a health coach or nutritionist. Some degrees are the equivalent of an associate's degree.

  12. And can you learn how to interpret HTMA results too?

  13. I'm sure there is training for that, I'm not sure where you would go for it… I'm guessing an ND degree would cover things like that.

  14. HTMA took me about 2 hours understand it as it was all base on patterns, I have a unique ability to recognize hidden patterns about 10 times faster then the average person.. This is how I teach health professionals, by learning specific hidden patterns on multiple test to come to a logical conclusion

  15. How long is a program to become an ND?

  16. Most are 4 years. I attended school to become an ND for 3

  17. 4 years if it from an accredit school. Why I recommended university of Bridgeport. I went to an online school which was associated which offshore university. I went all the way through it and start the dessertation then said screw it. How can people take you serious? especially in the medical field. I swam up stream against medical doctors for years being mocked because I did not have credentials. Now 10 years later, I am working with some of most well respected doctors across the globe on their challenging cases. I think its good to have the background, but its experience which makes a good practitioner …

  18. Look up all the accredit ND schools, not the cracker jack degrees, but the real schools as you will go much further and as be well respected. I think you may need to physically go there as they do hands on cadaver cutting, just like normal med schools.

  19. I want to go back to school to! Megan Kerkhoff would you pm me the info as well. Shawn I agree, for me I need hands on, I get to distracted with just the computer.

  20. Once a person gets the general concepts down then I take them to the next level at light speed. Its all about simple principles then easily applying them. If you want to take quick road you do FDN then as many are doing are being mentored by myself or dr jess armine to show them how to apply it correctly. I have several practitioners who listen in to consults then we have a 30 minute answer and question session. Some may schedule a 30 minutes session to discuss a case or to want more information on specific topic. We figure way reinvent the wheel. We have been a conduit for medical and health professionals who want to go to the next level for their clients or patients. .

  21. Megan Kerkhoff I'd love the info as well, I am out of the country and funny enough there is a school here on my little island but I don't think it would hold any credentials. (PanAmerican University of Natural Medicine).

  22. I too would like the info. I almost started at Everglades but wanted to do more research first …….so many to chose from but not all are good. I wanted to go for ND but I am almost 55. I would like to get a good education on nutrition and then go from there. Tired of seeing people hurting. I was once on 8 meds for a variety of issues and now through diet and exercise I am doing much better. No meds either.

  23. So Shawn Bean where do I start ?

  24. Of course, Renita Woo, I'm sorry, I just saw this now! My toddler's been keeping me on my toes today.

  25. Depends how in depth, cost and do you want to have proper credentials? You can go short cut in 3-6 month with FDN or longer academic route with an accredited program. Its for you to research and find what bests fits YOU.

  26. start with the first and go from there…………….. I am old hahaha I wanted a masters but starting from scratch part time will take me forever

  27. Health Coaching is really great and an enjoyable career. If you woud like to become a health coach, I would be happy to speak with you. It really is great to help people on their journey to recovery.

  28. Diane Hutchings, I wouldn't mind some info, please and thank you.

  29. Ahh, Diane, it looks like one of the schools I graduated from is the same as one you did!

  30. Awesome. I know when I was told years ago that I would have to live with my issues, I decided to try the natural route. When I regained my health, I helped others to do the same. I decided to go back to school to help others.

  31. My story went just like that too.

  32. Diane Hutchings that is my desire as well

  33. If you have info that will help me achieve that just friend request me please

  34. I got sick be ridden lost over 100 lbs of muscle in 9 months. Dr's could not give me a rational answer other then antidepressants. I told them to shove it their ass and walked out. From that time, I have been proving doctors ever since 🙂

  35. Hundred's of universities have good nutrition programs if you want a degree in nutrition. This a great foundation for almost any direction you want to take in this area.

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