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I have a question about Vit D3 and cancer. I had breast cancer 3 years ago with a very low D level of 13. Now, I have it at 80 where my naturopathic doctor wants it to keep mets away. I see you’re recommending a level of 30, which goes against every cancer protocol out there…thoughts?

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  1. Joelle Bendull Rajkowski – please read this page to Restore Magnesium, you may not be getting enough to counteract the isolated D3.

  2. please explain the graph

  3. Mj, I do lots of daily mag drops and some Epsom salt baths here and there…is there a test for mag deficiency?

  4. Yes, the Magnesium RBC blood test. It tells the amount of Mg in the cells, where Mg does it's work. It is one of the four "D" blood tests.

  5. Thanks, Tookie. I don't have any of those signs of low magnesium…you'd think that I would since I take so much D3 that seems to deplete it.

  6. I have to get tested

  7. One method of assessing your magnesium status is to simply contact your health care provider and request detailed magnesium testing. Yet magnesium assessment is typically done using blood serum testing, and these tests can be misleading. Only 1% of magnesium in the body is actually found in blood, and only .3% is found in blood serum, so clinical blood serum testing may not successfully identify magnesium deficiency.

  8. ^^^^^ This is what baffles me. You are welcome Joelle. Glad you don't have any of those signs. I drink more than 7 alcoholic drinks a week…bad I know, but I'm sure it depletes me.

  9. So, the big 4"D' test which includes mag testing is not effective for a mag reading?

  10. In an nutshell (and MJ correct me if I am wrong here) if you have high storage D, you most likely are mg deficient since high storage D rapes you of mg. Back about 4-5 years ago, my storage D came back at 60 and my calcium was also very high. Just before I had blood drawn for the above, I was found to be mg deficient by a lady that does nutritional testing for me using applied kiniesiology. She also told me I had unregulated calcium and my D was very high. My blood tests confirmed the D and Calcium. At that time, she told me to get off the Ca+D supplements and increase Mg. Within days, I felt so much better. A year later my D had come down to 40 and just this past year, My storage D is now at 30 and my Mg RBC was a 4.6 I have not taken Ca+D since. I get plenty of sun living on a farm in Florida and I try and get my calcium through diet.

  11. I just reposted what I have read about testing for magnesium. Been watching comments since I joined this group about people doing all kinds of mag supplements and their numbers not rising. So idk really.

  12. Interesting. My calcium isn't high at all which is surprising with my very high D level.

  13. I live in NE where we only good Vit D from sun for a few months

  14. Maybe the hair test is better.

  15. yes, hopefully Gonzalez will accept me

  16. Joelle – Storage D (which Dr's always test) is tied to Magnesium. Active D (which they NEVER test) is tied to Calcium.

  17. Jill which one is active D?

  18. Ok…so, what does that mean exactly

  19. I get a complete blood panel test done and my calcium is tested seperatedly…and is always normal

  20. Again, the blood test to assess Magnesium used here is the Magnesium RBC blood test as the standard serum Mg blood test is pretty useless.

  21. Tookie Wilson – many things depelete the water soluble Magnesium, including isolated D3. And, many folks DO increase their Mag RBC and feel a whole lot better.

  22. Joelle – your calcium is probably low because you need magnesium to open the cell walls to let the calcium in. Your high storage D is probably causing low Mg. And yes, MG Serum is pretty useless. You need the Mg RBC.

  23. Same boat as you Joelle, I'm in SD. Not enough sun in the winter. Oh to live in sunny FL 🙂

  24. Jill, my calcium is not low.

  25. it's completely in normal range, no red flags

  26. if my extremely high D is supposed to deplete calcium, why is it normal?

  27. And, let's not forget Magnesium's cofactors, needed to get it to work well in the body. See this simple site.

  28. But was that standard serum test for calcium or ionized serum calcium? Big difference. MJ already posted this, but this really explains the whole relationship between Storage D and Magnesium and Active D and Calcium.

  29. Joelle Bendull Rajkowski – high "D" affects Magnesium and Potassium.

  30. MJ…it doesn't affect Calcium?…now I am really confused

  31. Jill….it just says calcium on my CBC panel…which one is best recommended?

  32. Ok now, I'm not being difficult here…I'm learning about all these tests. Didn't realize there were so many. I learned from the above article.

  33. Active D is tied to Calcium. Storage D (which is the one dr's ALWAYS test) is tied to Magnesium. You have high Storage D which affects your magnesium.

  34. Joelle Bendull Rajkowski read that link above about Hormone D. It gives you all 4 tests to ask for and even includes the CPT codes for your Dr. to use when ordering the tests. I can almost 100% guarantee your CBC was a plain standard calcium serum test. YOu want the ionized serum calcium.

  35. You don't need a test, and testing is really not very good because magnesium needs and levels change minute by minute and hour by hour. A normal level of magnesium in the doctor's office could be significantly lower after a stressful drive home in terrible traffic or an emotional phone call with your mother. In addition, even if you get plenty of magnesium, your Magnesium Absorption can be affected by different factors that may change your magnesium levels even if your needs and your intake stay the same!

    Magnesium levels change too quickly and there are too many variables as to how much magnesium is needed day to day for levels to be relied upon. In reality, getting a sublingual epithelial magnesium level every time that you feel poorly would really be the only accurate and effective way to use magnesium testing, but this would obviously be prohibitively expensive and inconvenient. But again, you don't need even ONE SINGLE test!!

    Read more:

  36. Jill, I looked at the link….where does it have the codes?

  37. Never mind, found it

  38. wait…I didn't find the codes…where is it exactly?

  39. I'm bowing out now…good luck Joelle. I had breast cancer too, feel free to friend me if you like. I am always researching about cancer.

  40. I just lookd up my CMP test and the calcium test IS the ionized one.

  41. So, my calcium is in normal range, which would be odd with my high D

  42. Joelle, did they take blood from a vein? Cringe…I was a pin cushion for too long.

  43. every 6 months

  44. A CMP does not include a ionized calcium unless they ordered it separately that is not standard. And yes the draw blood testing from a vein with the exception of very few test. Mostly ABG arterial blood gases and ode are only done in critical care patients or pts with low O2 like copd pts

  45. such good information. why do I start fbooking so

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