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Question. I know I have posted recently about taking VitD supp. I was reading about how you are supposed take Vit K2 too. True? I’m not so … why wouldn’t they give that too?

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  1. I only take Vitamin D3. My doctor has never told me that I need to take K2 also.

  2. My endo recommended otc d3 over rx vit d my levels went from 14 to 68, so must be doing something right lol

  3. I just added vitamin K recently.

  4. Vitamin K2 helps in the absorption of calcium by removing the calcium deposit from the arteries. Thus, it indirectly minimizes the risk of heart diseases as excessive deposit of calcium in the arteries give rise to heart disease. It is also a good antioxidant that helps to maintain the overall health of the body.\nBeans, dairy, eggs, meat and veggies contain K2. That is why my doctor recommends taking D with food. I eat half my meal, take D and finish rest of meal.

  5. So how do you know if you need the vit k as well when you supplement with OTC vit d 3? I have heard not everyone needs the vit k, but can’t remember the basics.


    Jan,Be very careful about Vit.K it clots your blood.

  6. My Vitamin D supplement is made using coconut oil, which naturally contans vitamin K. Best of both worlds to me (by Pure Pharma)

  7. I have recently learned that you can take all the vitamins in the world but if you don’t have the minerals as well, your wasting your money. Our food supply is so depleted that we have to add in supplements to get all the nutrients/minerals we need. I believe this to be true as since starting to add in supplements and vitamins, my body has finally got back into balance and I feel great!

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