Vitamin C: increases cortisol or lowers cortisol?


Bit confused. Reading conflicting things. Vitamin C: increases cortisol or lowers cortisol? I know that it’s good for the adrenal glands but not sure about its effects on cortisol.

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  1. So any ideas if it raises or lowers cortisol?

  2. Joy Arnold, yes, both B & C vitamins are water soluble. You are correct.

    And the B vitamins work better together rather than in isolation–unless there is one that is needed in addition to the B – complex.

  3. Correct, most of the B-Vitamins are water soluble. Unless you're using Benfotiamine like I am for my T2D wife. It's a fat-soluble form of B-1.

  4. Generally speaking, about half of you are taking a B-Complex that is working AGAINST you. It's worse than useless, it's like poison to you.

  5. Just found this. Good info. Doesnt lower it Dr Lam says.

  6. Supports adrenals. A fuel for adrenals.

  7. Elizabeth Hotlen
    Even the great Dr. Lam is confused because he makes NO distinction btwn Synthetic Ascorbic Acid. VS Wholefood Vit-C Complex… There is a MAJOR difference.

    The latter has Tyrosinase at its core which delivers Copper ions (5) that are KEY to the action of Ascorbate Oxidase enzyme. Copper is THE mineral catalyst for this & 30+ other enzyme pathways.
    As for Cortisol, the bigger issue is your "Stress!" level (Mg status) & Potassium status. Cortisol's JOB is to protect Potassium levels…
    And when the Adrenals have sufficient stores of wholefood Vit-C Complex they settle down. And what minerals are needed to convert Cortisol BACK to the Storage form, Cortisone?!?

    Maggie & Copper!


    A votre sante!

  8. has anyone here ever tried Liposomal Vitamin C?

  9. You tube video: whole food source liposomal vitamin C. I make it and drink it.

  10. Morley Robbins, is there a brand of Vit C you recommend?

  11. Lisa Leis
    Please post the sources & recipe…
    Many thanks!

    Liposomal-C made with Ascorbic Acid is NOT the answer! It MUST be made with wholefood Vit-C Complex as Lisa is pointing out…

    There is a DIFFERENCE!

    A votre sante!


    Recommended by Mr. Morley Robbins:

    Whole food vitamin C brands
    Remember, the object here is to support the Liver's production of Ceruloplasmin (Cp), & the Adrenals need for WHOLE C Complex…
    Brands providing wholefood Vit-C Complex:
    o Grown by Nature
    o Garden of Life
    o Innate Response
    o Alive!
    o MegaFood
    o Standard Process
    o Professional Research Labs
    A votre sante!

    Recommended by Ms. MJ Hamp:
    Whole food vitamin C has to be prepared in a low heat way to protect it.
    are four brands
    camu camu
    acerola cherry
    are four other whole food, not processed, sources

  12. reason i ask is because a couple of cancer groups i belong to are doing the Liposomal C. they are doing ascorbic acid, however.

  13. i'm not promoting or have an interest. this is interesting and wanted to get others opinions

  14. Lisa Kimberly – the cancer protocol is a different issue that does not address the question of this thread: adrenals. Search this page and read earlier discussions on the Liposomal C.

  15. That's what I want to know … WHICH Vitamin C?

  16. Jeanne Penner – whole food vitamin C. 🙂

  17. Thank you . I may be dumb here but does that mean directly from foods only or a brand name of supplement? I prefer getting it every possible way I can.

  18. Jeanne Penner – both 🙂 be aware that vitamin C is damaged with heat much over about 105F. So, although green peppers have lots of C, cooking them damages it. Same with pasteurized orange juice.
    There is a list of wholefood vitamin C brands in Files that are made correctly to preserve it.

  19. I'm somewhat new here, so I'm not sure where to look for those files.

  20. At the top of the page there is an 'about' section. Are you on a phone or a computer?

  21. Jeanne Penner – here's the list
    Chris Boyce Whole food vitamin C has to be prepared in a low heat way to protect it.
    are four brands
    camu camu
    acerola cherry
    are four other whole food, not processed, sources

  22. Thanks MJ.

  23. I'm on a phone

  24. I am using Liposomal Vit C

  25. Julie,
    Most brands of Liposomal C are based on using synthetic, Ascorbic Acid, which is NOT advised on this group. We are a bit weird in that we like to do things the way Mother Nature designed them, NOT the way BIG Pharma wants us to take them…

    The formula ^^^^ appears to be based on wholefood Vit-C, but it likely needs verification to be sure.

    It makes an enormous difference inside the body, and esp. inside the cells…

    A votre sante!

  26. And Morley…the whole food Vit C is advisable for the average person but how about someone who needs to get ALOT of Vit C into their system (dealing with cancer, etc.)?

  27. I use both Innate Response and Pure Radiance. I have something else that's came camu powder, but it doesn't mix up as nice in water as Pure Radiance powder.

  28. the Liposomal C i posted is sodium ascorbate. is that the correct form of vit c that is recommended?

  29. I think ascorbate is it…..buffered Vitamin C.

  30. And we need lots of it….

  31. Rather than hijacking the thread, I delayed mentioning this till now. You can get the functional equivalent of 50 times the Vitamin C, by having the "Mother of all antioxidants". That would be Glutathione. I give my wife NAC, Swanson stock number SW854

  32. Lisa Kimberly – No sodium ascorbate, in any form, is no substitute for wholefood vitamin C. Don't be fooled.

  33. okay….i get that.
    but the delivery system is intriguing. if you take the correct form of vit c, but it isn't getting to the cells, then it seems one might be back at square one.

  34. I read that if,you,don't have enough vit c, glutathione is useless

  35. That's why I didn't mention it earlier. The glutathione potentiates the other items functioning as antioxidants. Get the Vitamin C, deliver it well, and make sure the glutathione is following.

  36. You can make your own liposomal Vit C from whole food C. It's very easy and inexpensive.

  37. Yeah…how Betsy?

  38. Got a Harbor Freight near you? They always have their 20% off coupons. Start with the ultrasonic unit, go from there. There are plenty of refinements, and an enormous number of commentaries on how to do it.. It is rather easy.

  39. I would really like to see verification that the fragile whole food C molecule is kept intact in the liposomal form.

  40. It looks like way more work than I am up for. My health has been a full time job

  41. I watched a video making it using acerola cherry powder.

  42. Can use the coupon online at Harbor Freight too.

  43. There are plenty of recipes, including not using ultrasonics.

  44. Michael, That doesn't sound easy to make at all. Not to me.

  45. I completely agree. Even though I know how to do it, I don't. I believe that sufficient glutathione tops the Vitamin C. I don't try for high levels, just 50mg/kg. For me, that's 4 grams,

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