Vitamin C supplement?


Is it possible to be allergic to whole vitamin C supplement? My face is breaking out like crazy & vit C the only new or different thing I’ve done.

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  1. I can't take vitamin c supplements if any kind, so yes although perhaps rare.

  2. My 10 year old also got spots popping up .

  3. What else does it have in it? i looked at whole food Vitamin C supplements and felt they had too much in them. So I chose Camu Camu.

  4. i eat lemons. Lots of them. What are you taking?

  5. Any "whole food" supplement is made from food, obviously, and any food is a potential allergen.

    But bear in mind that acne can also be a sign of detox.

  6. I take these & it lists a lot of ingredients.

  7. That is one I looked at. I just don't do well with lots of ingredients. Have reactions and then no idea exactly what it is. So glad I did not cave and try it.

  8. Prob a detox reaction

  9. I have to take buffered C otherwise my face, neck and chest break out. I also break out if I drink too much oj so I limit it to mimosas at the holidays. 😉

  10. Citrus is very good for those with skin issues , but that being said , it means that it will bring up toxins out of the skin in order to rid the body of them !

  11. Ah, citrus has always burned my stomach. Wish I could, oh how I wish I could

  12. So how do I discern if the reaction is allergy or detox? If allergy Id stop taking them but if detox Id like to continue.

  13. allergic reaction would cause swelling of face and mouth possibly !

  14. Hmm. Then probably detox. Maybe I'll take it every other day for awhile & see how I react?

  15. Technically possible, but highly doubtful. Sudden skin or rash problems can be triggered by a variety of things. Vitamin C is a mild antihistamine and immune system booster. A detox reaction is more suspect if your system took a jolt in some way or got dehydrated ( a wintertime threat for everyone). Take the Vitamin C with a meal, no more than 500mg at one time. If the reaction is detox, be sure to be getting lots of water daily, as in 15 glasses or so, at least. Start the day with 500ml/20 ounces and do that several times daily at least. Detox reaction is in part a sudden release of stored toxins that can't get out fast enough.

  16. Depending on the source of C…may be a histamine issue. I know someone with histamine intolerance who has trouble with citrus forms….

  17. I was out in the snow & cold for 6 hours on Fri which was the same day I started the C. Maybe the detox & freezing for hours took its toll in me.

  18. Plus muscle activity and raising the heart rate might have stirred up things, in addition, changes to skin temperature may have involved shifts in circulation. Always good to keep searching for the reasons!

  19. Histamine or salicylate problem from the citrus are possibilities.

  20. Yes ^ histamine.

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