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Hi! I am so glad to have found this group. I am trying to explain to my chiropractic friend that Vitamin D is not healthy. He said he would like to learn. Is there a link or website I can share that has scientific information and research? I looked through the files but I didn’t see it ( it is probably staring me in the face!) LOL

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  2. Glad to hear your chiropractic friend is interested in learning more about how this health travesty effects the human body.

  3. wonderful! Thank you Joni Knox!

  4. You are welcome.

  5. The chiropractor can also phone Morley Robbins for a review of the D issue.
    Also make sure he reads all the links in my site above.

  6. Carolyn Dean has some great writings online. Just Google her name and vitamin D and you'll find.

  7. Monday I will be seeing my endocrinologist who treats me for hypothyroidism. He has had me taking 50,000 IU of Vitamin D every other week for about 2 years. He does blood work before each appointment. I do take 2-400mg of magnesium oxide daily. Are there questions I should be asking my doctor about the safety of taking that amount of D vitamin? My cardiologist is the one having me take the magnesium. The endo has never said anything about it!

  8. Is he testing both storage and active D. Active D is calcitriol aka 1,25-D.

  9. Joni, I don't know but I will ask him on Monday. When he first put me on it he said I was critically low. He's very hard to get answers from.

  10. Doctors can be like that, but please know you are the patient. Your health is at stake. I'm going to copy/paste notes from Morley Robbins, owner of this group….

  11. No real benefit of Storage D over 20. Isolated D negatively impacts Mg and potassium….

    Here's the "D"eal, folks…

    There is a MAJOR "D"ifference between "The STORY" and "The TRUTH"…

    Most of what we read is "The Story," that we are expected to "believe" AND "act on…" It is the "Social Construction of Reality!" It is NOT the Truth… Classic examples from a nutritional standpoint include:
    o Cholesterol is "D"emonic and will kill you… OMg! (Cardiologists actually believe that… ;-( )
    o Calcium builds strong bones… OMg! (People have been poisoned for decades with excess Calcium because Mineral Denialists have NO CLUE how Bone Matrix is built around 18 nutrients and Calcium is the "D"umb Front Lineman of the lot… Btw, Hormone-D is "Calcium ON STEROIDS!…)
    o Iron-poor blood/anemia is CAUSED by too little Iron… OMg! (MAG me with a spoon… ALL Iron proteins are Copper-dependent, which was established in the 1860's… NO, that is NOT a typo!!!)

    So, regrettably, the (M)asses (~98%) prefer to NOT rock the boat, choose to "believe" The Story, and choose to SUFFER mightily from their "D"ementia… Remember, "D"estiny is a matter of choice, NOT a matter of chance…

    The rest of us, ~2% of the population is willingly craving, & seeking The TRUTH… And that's what MAG is ALL about…

    So those seeking MORE TRUTH about Hormone-D, you might enjoy the works of:
    o Fred A. Kummerow, PhD (100-yr old Lipid Professor at U of Ill who is STILL spending 20 hours/week researching and writing!…)
    o Rick Malter, PhD (who almost killed himself with "The STORY" re D)
    o Sam Queen, CCN who has distilled many of Dr. Kummerow's articles on the "D"angers of Hormone-D… This is the stuff that makes one's toes curl by…
    o David L. Watts, DC, PhD who heads up TEI, and has a firm grasp on the mineral TRUTH of the human body, has written an excellent article on "Vitamin-D"… (Not for the faint of heart…)
    o Shane Ellison, MS who has written several articles on the absurdity of Vitamin-D supplementation
    o Todd Becker is a writer that has written a wonderful piece on why he "D"oesn't supplement with "D"…
    o Brian Walsh @ Precision Nutrition has spoken out about cautions on supplemental "D"…

    Others that I'd put in the "Softly Cautioning, but Afraid to Take a StanD against MSM's stance on this TOXIN" are the following… (Please know, I have GREAT respect for much of their writings and positions, but their equivocation on this topic stirs my MBR… 😉 )
    o Suzy Cohen, RPh…
    o Carolyn Dean, MD, ND…
    o Chris Masterjohn, PhD…
    o Chris Kresser, LAc

    So, there you have it… those are my "D"ream Team for Hormone-D Contrarians… And if I've missed any obvious and outspoken practitioners/writers, please bring them to my attention…

    Mark my words, within our lifetime, there WILL be a WHOLESALE reversal on this issue… my greatest concern is that it may come TOO LATE…

    The window on "Homo Normalus" is closely rapidly ALL around the Globe… and MOST are too lost in "The STORY" to see the forest for the trees…" Sometimes, it's a bit "D"epressing…

  12. Good morning, Betty!
    I forgot to mention the other lie……. vitamin C–as ascorbic acid–do us no favors. Use, instead, whole C.

  13. I had seen that mentioned several times. I haven't taken it in years. Back in the 90's everyone was in to it. I'm not sure I understand Whole C but I will read about it. Thanks again.

  14. What if the vitamin C supplement is from whole food and is organic?

  15. Sauerkraut (raw) is a great source of vitamin C. I make my own sauerkraut and eat it with my lunch and supper.

  16. Is it ever "ok" to supplement with D? My level was 17, so DO wanted me to take 5,000 iu (it has k1 and k2 in it as well)

  17. Joy Jenkins Marks thought you might find this thread interesting

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