Vitamins/supplements and Celiac Disease


What vitamins/supplements does everyone take that has Celiac?


Jane Justice:

I get B12 shots weekly (Im on loading doses for 6 weeks for pernicious anemia)/ Methyl-Folate sublingual. Vitamin D3,B-Complex Liquid, Nordic naturals Ulitmate Omega, Hemaplex, blood builder , Garden of life Raw probiotics, magnesium glycinate and Vitamin C tabs. I have perncious anemia so they are trying to get my Levels up. Had to have a transfusion

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  1. Super b complex
    Vitamin d
    Multivitamin with iron

    My daughters also take probiotics

  2. Great question as I was wondering daily when I take my centrum.

  3. Monthly B12 shot, probiotic, vitamin D, iron, biotin & rhodiola

  4. Vitamin D\nBiotin \nB-12\nB-Complex\nVitamin K\nImmunity Support

  5. Desiree Tarango

  6. B complex, magnesium, krill for omega’s , probiotics, Vit D & B 12. I have another magnesium in the late afternoon. It has stopped my night charliehorse cramps.

  7. What brands are you using? My daughter has cross contamination/shared machinery issues.

  8. Biotin
    B12 injections (pernicious anemia)
    Vit D
    And magnesium

  9. I get most of mine at Costco, Kirkland brand. Haven’t had a problem.

  10. Shouldn’t you just take what you need? My blood tests show what I am deficient in.

  11. I use plexus products

  12. I use to take a whole large list. Now I just do the thrive system

  13. Most of mine are from pure encapsulation.\n Mitocore multi vitamin \nMagnesium \nChromium \nProbiotic \nB12\nD3\nK2\nGaia sleep formula\nGaia sleep maintainence \nInositol powder\nL glutemine

  14. I use Plexus X-factor plus and other plexus products

  15. Multi-Vitamin, iron, B12,B1, D, Folic,Magnesium,Fiberlax, and I take Flexril, Sensipar, Omeprazole and Lexapro

  16. This must sound really bad but since my diagnosis I haven’t seen a doctor or taken vitamins. I do eat gluten-free fortified cereals sometimes though.

  17. There is MSG & Gluten in so many vitamins, over the counter (OTC) drugs & prescription medications, including IV Meds & plastics used medically… We are also having a major problem finding safe 0 Gluten & 0 MSG…Plus finding some absolutely unnecessary dyes & ingredients in them.\nWe’ve even have gone to Compound Pharmacies and they say can’t mix without those ingredients…

  18. Iron, folate and magnesium.

  19. L-glutemine, B-12, D3, Iron, Digestive Enzyme, Zinc, Reishi Collagen, and Probiotic

  20. Following

  21. I take chrollea and zell oxygen , but it’s good to read some different ideas here

  22. I was told not to waste my money buy doctor at hospital as my body won’t absorb them properly best getting vitamins from natural food.

  23. My 60+ years with celiac has left me with severe osteoporosis, additionally my gut was damaged by going 40+ years before diagnosis so I have multiple nutritional deficiencies. I’m prescribed to take 500 mcg B12 daily, 2000 IU Vitamin D3, 1200 mg Calcium Citrate. I also take 100mcg Vitamin K, 100mg Magnesium Citrate, and 680mg Strontium Citrate daily based on my own research.\n\nVitamin B12 deficiency is very common among celiac sufferers.

  24. Visit Inside Out & All About on FB. The 100% stabilised Aloe Vera drinking gel is great!

  25. Juice Plus. Non-gmo, no fillers, whole food nutrition. Only fruits and vegetables. Have been taking for 7 years. PM me for more details.

  26. Iron and multivitamin

  27. Shaklee has certified GF vitamins

  28. Two years GF and take these daily: B Complex, Vit D, Calcium (all GOOD stuff and no additives, non-gmo). I still take slow release iron but now only twice a week.

  29. Started yesterday taking organic coconut oil and cod liver oil *pill form, I usually take milk thistle *pills

  30. Pure encapsulations, no fillers, hypoallergenic and I love he price.

  31. I get mine at Walgreens these days. Most of their Walgreen brand items are gluten free and say so on the label. Multivitamin for women, iron, calcium, b12 and d3. I take Nature’s Bounty fish oil, which also states gluten free on the label.

  32. What kind of vitamins do you think you need

  33. Multi vits checking they contain iron & folic acid. Oh & a probiotic

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