Vitamins with like 8 oz water?


Quick question…… Do we have to take our vitamins with like 8 oz water? How about taking them w other pills together. I’m now on B12 & Vit D 50,000 mg once week for severe Vit D level.

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  1. Take them with a glass of water and food to avoid nausea.

  2. I take mine with tea or whatever I have at the time……I’m still here

  3. I think most vits ok together but 4 hrs apart from levo

  4. I ask this group almost same question a week ago and no one responded 🙁

  5. First time I’ve been on fb in a while and looked

  6. U can take multivitamin with vitiman D and B12 it’s fine. Drink with water no specific amount

  7. Vitamin d with a fatty meal.

  8. Always with water but 4-5 hours after taking your thyroid medication

  9. What was your vitamin D level? Endo says 50,000/wk isn’t enough for most. Took me 10,000/day to get from 28 to 52 (30 – 80). \n\nHusband’s D was 14, 50,000/wk for 12 wks only got him to 29. 10,000/day for 5 months = 48. \n\nD with a fatty meal. Make sure your Mg is in check as raising D uses up Mg.

  10. Took me 10,000iu ++ a day to go from 9-60… Also got loads of sun.

  11. What about selenium and iron, vit C and magnesium when is the best time to take those ? I believe Mg before bed ,correct?

  12. I’m not on iron, magnesium or selenium (whatever that is). Hmmm can u take all vitamins together???????????? Not w thyroid med I kno.

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