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Hi, I was recommended by a friend after sharing with her my homocysteine results. On the 12th of March I had a very surprising first heart attack, although I had just spent a week on the beach and two weeks eating purely fish and a year avoiding all refined carbs, wheat products, industrial vegetable oils… The day I had my heart attack I thought it was an allergic reaction to soybean oil in dark chocolate and did 72 fast push-ups, 20 wheel abdominals and ran 3 miles smack in the middle. Then my bp dropped precipitously… The following day I had my routine blood tests to check my glucose levels, LDL, VLDL and HDL (56)… And discovered my AST and DHL (Lactic Acid in the blood) high, that told me that I had had a heart attack 24 hours earlier. The following day I visited with a cardiologist and later on that day I had an angiogram and two angioplasties (stents) placed in the non-heart attack arteries. In the middle of placing the second stent, I had an allergic reaction causing my heart rate to rise from 68 to 200… My body went into convulsions and I blacked out… When I awakened I couldn’t see for a few hours…
Before the reaction began, the cardiologist exclaimed that I wasn’t hypertensive and I claimed that it must be related to my high consumption of ground flaxseeds… which he promptly ignored… Where am I going with this?

The cardiologist and I (along with my mother who works in a hospital in Flemington NJ; I live in Guadalajara Mexico) are in a battle over my desire to NOT take statins… I asked him, if my numbers are perfect, then why lower the cholesterol and triglycerides? And, why did the heart attack cause my bp to remain so low (on average of 106/70 +/-)? He said that it must be because I’m very healthy due to my exercise and diet and how much weight I had lost over the year (actually between March and July 2014; 33 pounds). So, why the heart attack?

My facebook friend and sufferer of MTHRF along with other problems suggested I have my homocysteine taken and it just came back, so she connected me with you, since the results say that I’m fine. 9.83…

Let me tell you about me: I was diagnosed with asthma as a child. But supposedly I outgrew that. I do not and have never believed that… always with respiration and sinus problems. I have had horrible reaction to apple cider and alcohol (now I know that it is a reaction to sulfates). Was always allergic to cats (although my mother had us with cats throughout my childhood… and old carpets and old furniture) and she had this horrible habit of smoking in the car with the windows closed on hot summer days… In New York City I visited a free asthma clinic and was told that I wasn’t asthmatic, but what I suffered from was seasonal allergies. As a child, my mother would take me to Channel Home Center, where I couldn’t breath from the fumes of the treated wood… But, I’m the only one who experiences that. I’m also the only one who reacts to bamboo dust and water damage mold spores… A year ago I prepared a bone broth with cows feet, ribs and oxtail and within hours I inflated with 7 pounds of water… I looked like a gelatin bag. That’s when I learned about under-methylation and that, in order for me to decrease the inflamation I must rapidly increase my methionine levels by eating muscle meat like chicken breast… nothing near the bone…

I inhereted my father’s and paternal grandmothers FAP/Gardners Syndrome gene and had my colon removed at the age of 13 in 1982. Just after 9/11 I had my rectum removed and part of my ileum constructed as a J-Pouch. A year later I moved to Mexico and have suffered horribly when eating any fruit, vegetable or nut/seed high in fiber… until I removed the wheat products from my diet. I have never been diagnosed for celiac… there are many tests you cannot find here in Mexico. And, in order to test for celiac, first I must return to eating wheat, which I refuse to do, since I know the difference…

Although Jenny sent me Vitamin D 10,000mgs 2 years ago when I was suffering horrible from muscle fatigue and no longer could run and my Vitamin D was at 19, and although my diet is so wonderful and I run without my shirt at midday etc, I find my Vitamin D levels dropping again (now at 27, down from 33 in November). The cardiologists don’t want to talk about Vitamin D… And I’m certain they don’t want to talk about magnesium or Vitamin C or CoEnzyme Q10… And, here in Mexico you can’t encounter adequate suppliments…

And here I am being warned that if I don’t take Statins, and blood thinners and Beta Blockers and Effient, I will have a massive heart attack since the stents will become blocked within 6 months… And Jenny wants me to look into MTHFR and I’m wondering just how much any of this truly matters… Ok, not so much as that… But, how much of this truly is in my hands now, although I am very diligent and proactive…

And what do you think after having read all of this? I’m almost 46-years-old… and waiting for the next lightning bolt.


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  1. Well you aren't going to like it…you have a sulfur deficiency. Usually reactions to sulfur(not sulphites) are from a heavy metal poisoning(maybe leaking dental mercury amalgams). I can break it all down, but suggest you do the research. Once someone gets into the idea of MTHRF they usually don't want to hear the easy version. Start with research MSM.

  2. And, the isolated vitamin D is doing you no favor. Magnesium alone will raise "D" and storage D at 20 is good. Please read this page.

  3. Here is info on MSM… a good source of sulfur.

  4. I agree with Kathleen Heinz get on organic sulfur in crystal form google stephanie Sneff. They wanted to put her husband on statin and I think she is on youtube about sulfur.Patrick McGean program on onetalkradio and Organic Sulfur facebook page Patrick answers questions there.

  5. Also, get the recommended blood tests and the HTMA so that you have a tailored plan to rebalance your body.

  6. Your doctor can order these seven blood tests for you.
    Magnesium RBC #83735
    Ceruloplasmin #82390
    Serum Copper #82525
    Plasma Zinc #84630
    Calcium, Ionized Serum #82330
    Vitamin D, 1.25 Dihydroxy (Calcitriol) #82652
    Vitamin D, 25 Hydroxy #82306

  7. Wow, so by what I have read the Drs don't know why you had a heart attack? Do you have blocked arteries or is there other problems with your heart? as it sounds like from what I have read that you have a healthy heart, the FAP/Gardners Syndrome, can that have an impact or is could that affect your health like that? I would look up Robert Redfern, he has done a lot of research on the heart, as what you have going on sounds very complex and may need a varity of approaches to find a reason, if you do have a MTHFR mutation of . some kind it could impact quite a lot on your health, especially if you are not able to convert your vitamins and minerals. Have you had any testing for your mag levels or mineral/electrolyte status done?

  8. As for leaking dental mercury amalgams… I've only had one cavity in my life… That filling fell out in the early 90s, leading to a root canal. Then that tooth fell apart… and now it is half tooth and half ceramic. As for sulfur deficiency… I eat a ton of onions and garlic (raw and cooked)… recently because I've read about how sulfur helps gather up AGEs or free radicals caused by burning protein or sugar

  9. Living in Mexico, I don't have access to at least 95% of lab tests (along with suppliments) you find in the U.S. And, yes, I'm very aware of the role of magnesium in synthesizing Vitamin D in the kidneys… In fact, I will be receiving magnesium Taurate and magnesium glycenate from my mother in NJ in a few days. I would love to receive ReMag… we'll see if I can convince her to send me that in the future.

  10. My doctor can't order those tests and wouldn't… My cardiologist 2 years ago responded to my questions about the relationship between Vitamin D and hypertension with "Truthfully, I don't have anything to do with Vitamin D. If you want to talk about Vitamin D, see an internist." I'm certain that would be the other cardiologist's response too to Magnesium and CoEnzyme Q10…

  11. I'm so glad I live in Australia where getting testing is relatively easy, I really feel for you, can you maybe visit your mum and get the testing done? From having so much of your intestine removed you would imagine that you would have absorbsion issues and deficiencies, I would research and read up on how important minerals are needed in the body, we tend to look at what is going on with our bodies when there is an issue and treat just that problem when maybe in fact it started along time ago an is now at crisis point, I tend to try and trace back whats going on, as the prob usually didn't just pop up out of the blue, and a lot of the time its due to lack of minerals, like I said do your research on how minerals work in the body, what they do, how they are needed to do the simplest process in the body to the most complex

  12. These Drs are healers pffftt, I think they need to go and look that word up, they've lost something along the way

  13. Penny, I totally agree with you. I wish I could answer your questions in depth, completely. I do have the responses. But at this time, I'm a bit tired… Say hi to all the Assies down under… My sister is living there with her daughters and her kiwi husband… and my best friend from New York (and his wife) who indirectly landed me here in Mexico 12 years ago are from Sydney and returned back down under when I left NYC for Mexico in 2003… If you ever stumbled across the Holistic Services Group https://www.facebook.com/holisticservicesgroup?pnref=lhc you've met Michael… it's the company he developed for offering corporations in Australia holistic services for their employees…

  14. I will get back to you tomorrow… when you're sleeping 😉 Now it's time for me to go to bed… It's 11:25pm here in Guadalajara, Mexico…

  15. No probs Ross That page looks very intresting, I'll be checking that out, have a good sleep!

  16. Even one crap root canal can take up 60% of your immune function. Don't ask for links please- but it seems highly believable if you read around on this. Where you are could be hard to get this tooth OUT easily but as the Mercury is gone maybe that is the best option whatever the level of dentristry there. You have been through a hell of a lot and still fighting. Once you get over these built in setbacks from a previous life -you will FLY 🙂

  17. I told you you wouldn't like it…Heavy metal poisonings can come from bad water, pipes, vaccines, herbicides, pesticides, old paint, solvents, anything…these heavy metals will cause a sulfur deficiency. Food today is sulfur deficient…mainly from agricultural abuse of the soil, but also from chemical fertilizers that stop the absorption of magnesium and sulfur from our food. You can not get enough sulfur and magnesium from your diet alone. Sulfur deficiencies affect the transport of oxygenated blood in our lungs, it affects your immune system, it affects your histamine reactions, it affects your ability to make your own vitamin D, it affects the ability for your liver and kidneys to work properly, it affects the ability of your intestinal tract to work properly…just to name a few. Now tell me again why you don't have a sulfur deficiency.

  18. High homocysteine is also related to B12 deficiency. It is one of the markers (as B12 serum tests aren't ideal) B12 deficiency can kill you (as you are beginning to experience perhaps) but is easy to rectify. Like mag deficiency, though, docs are often fairly clueless. Do you have a fam history of pernicious anemia, alzheimer's, stomach cancer…there are many conditions…as B12 problems are sometimes genetic?

  19. As of yet there isn't a family history of pernicicious anemia, alzheimers, stomach cancer… everone's dying off…

  20. I am heterozygous C677T and had a high homocysteine lab @ 16.6 (!)—I suspect it was not properly handled, plus I was not told to fast and should be. Another homocysteine lab awhile back seemed higher to me than I expected, but no where this high. Anyway, I kinda forgot to take my methylfolate and think this might be a possible cause of the high homocysteine — IDK. Oddly enough, the Dr didn't seem too concerned about it. What?!

    MTHFR might have already been discussed here. I haven't read all the comments yet.
    MAYBE you have the MTHFR mutation? If yes, no folic acid.

    Passing this on because there are many ways to fight inflammation:


  21. Be sure to check out the book, Metabolic Cardiology by Dr. Sinatra.

    Four important nutrients for heart health:
    – d-ribose
    – l-carnitine
    – magnesium
    – CoQ10


  22. Sorry about that , but I was looking for THIS link:


  23. Hi Joni Knox, thanks for responding… to what I thought was a dead subject… It just seems so long ago.. although not really so… Since I posted this originally, I've had my homocystein checked 3 times… Every time it was lower than the time before. On March 27th, 2 weeks after the heart attack it was at 9.83. 1.5 weeks later (April 8th) it was at 8.05. Last week (May 19th) it was at 7.86. I had other tests done at the same time, such as fasting insulin and a basic 35 element exam. Although I consume very very few refined carbs and no wheat products (forget about gluten free, I'm wheat free) my fasting insulin was high 11.46 (supposedly that is within the normal range. But, insulin specialists would call it hyperinsulinemia)… Insulin aside, what truly caught my eye in the 35 element test, is that I have low Percentage Transferin Saturation (12%). Although my iron levels are still "normal

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