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  1. I never thought to check my coffee

  2. Silly question but does coffee have gluten in it??

  3. I just checked, coffee by itself dose not have gluten, but flavored coffees could

  4. No gluten in coffee but it can get cross contaminated.otherwise they would not need labeled gf coffees. Also some of us reguardless can react to protiens in coffee like we are getting glutened.

  5. These gf cameron coffee also have several flavered ones still gf

  6. They sell it even cheaper at Menards

  7. I thought coffee was gluten free ?

  8. I guess I never have problems with my coffee….so far but I don’t put anything in it but half/half, real vanilla and ground ginger or cardamon in the grounds while brewing to get rid of the acid

  9. It probanly wouldn’t be a bad idea to check, they may add preservatives that have gluten in them

  10. Many things are naturally gluten free and now it’s being added to the label in plain sight when nothing has changed. It makes some think that something has changed but only the standards have changed. There are more things gf and not labeled because they are gf.

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