Was just diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis


Was just diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, any advice? I’ve always thought I was only hypothyroid until now, when my goiter- was diagnosed as just Hashimoto’s thyroid instead.

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  1. Anybody!

  2. There will be a lot of hype. Just be healthy and you can live a healthy life! I’ve been way healthier since my diagnosis at 37.

  3. I’m 22:/ I don’t even know what hashis is other then it attacks your thyroid, what are must dos with hashis did you cut anything out of your diet

  4. Do a lot of research on it and listen to your body….I take lots of vitamins and especially probiodics have helped me a lot. I believe some people have it worse than others.

  5. What type of symptoms are you experiencing??

  6. Just can’t get pregnant puffy face, weight gain, irregular periods

  7. You can be hypothyroid without Hashi not all test positive for the Hashimoto antibody. It is a autoimmune disease. You can go from hypo to hyper withhin days. It is harder to control but it can be done. Eat well take meds take vitamins plus probiotics. Read Isabella Wentz The Root Cause. Explains Hashi and how to control very well. I’ve had Hashi for years doing well but must work at it.

  8. Marciana, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is an autoimmune be disease. It is your body’s immune system attacking the cells and tissues of your thyroid, especially the part that produces your thyroid hormones. In addition to being treated for hypothyroid symptoms you will need to treat your body for its autoimmune condition. Many go on a gluten free diet to reduce attacks and symptoms. Do all the research you can. Find a doctor who’s willing to treat the autoimmune part of the disease do that you can reduce symptoms and side effects, and so you get on both the right meds and correct doses of thyroid replacement medication.

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