Was told by the doctors today that I’m going to die


Was told by the doctors today that I’m going to die. There is nothing more they can do for me. I’ve tried cannabis oil and radiation. They say chemotherapy wont work only slow it down. I’m 38 years old with two kids, it’s not fair.

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  1. Alternative Cancer Clinics are in San Diego

  2. Sometimes, 'slowing it down' is all you need.

  3. OMG, so awful to hear that! Can you afford to come to the US and Cancer Treatment Centers of America? /hugs

  4. No matter what the doctors say do not give up. Fight for your kids. Try everything and anything that is out there. The power of love, the love that you have your children and they have for you can heal anything. The moment you agree with the prognosis and lose hope then you will lose your battle to it. So keep up the fight and you have all our support, love and prayers. You are not alone Miriam Terner

  5. Margaret Atkins

  6. Try a holistic cancer clinic Sa Diego,Ca

  7. CACE non profit org in PA.. Cancer advance. Center of education .

  8. Hopefully she has a support person that can help her, she is too sick to do any of these things, I'm guessing..

  9. Please get in touch with angel, she had only 3 weeks to live and healed herself naturally. God has the last word not the doctors!!! She is living proof that God still performs miracles!!! https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=149687828435913&fref=ts

  10. Seriously Miriam if you would like my assistance, please read about who I am and what I do in the cannabis industry. My partner and I have been studying cannabis and the effect of the cannabinoids on illness and disease, the necessary cannabinoids and the proper terpenes. We have worked diligently on creating safe terpene enhancement with both high and low thc cannabis plants hemp, ruderalis, indica, sativa and afghanica. We work with every profile individually. We have Turned around people at hospice who are now living their lives. I am no quack, but a very dedicated researcher with the belief that the lack of cannabis in our world is potentially that which is killing us. I understand mitochondrial dna mutation rate and the causative actions of disease. I am available for all patients for free. Whatever you purchase I can suggest but I don't sell anything. Life is worth more than a dollar.

  11. Miriam Terner, The Arcadia Klinik in Germany can do initial consultations on the phone. You would need to call to arrange one.

  12. oh my……wow…..i am there myself but i can tell you this….you will never die…..just pass on to another realm……and you and i can meet::). i'm going to be a grandmothher…..

  13. listen to what this young mother has to say , It might Chang the way we think about cannabis medicine :


  14. Just wrote about H2O & its effectiveness, great / unnecessary in correcting malfunctions weaknesses & fluidity stagnation

  15. Have your looked into 35% hydrogen peroxide (food grade) along with no sugar no meats and going with DR. Budwig diet.

  16. Liquid Zeolite, Essiac tea, Gerson therapy, food grade Diatomaceous Earth, pink salt Sole, Infrared light therapy, TENS unit. If u've already done radiation, drugs, etc. u will have to cleanse out those toxins & radiation from the body, as well as the cancer now, or it will come back. Permanent diet change to pH balancing/alkalinizing, whole pure food, no sugar or chemical additives. Also throw away all chemical body products, never use anything with rubbing alcohol, & also don't eat from a microwave, or talk on a cellphone pressed against yur ear.

  17. take long walks in nature , go outside and look at the stars at night as often as the "weather" allows ,laugh as much as possible as it will benefit your health more than any other thing

  18. if i had cancer i would DUMP OUT ALL HOUSEHOLD CHEMS AND PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS,eat as much whole raw fresh live fruits and veggies as you can,buy a few gallons of distilled water and refill those jugs for 30-40 cents a piece at one of the many stores with a reverse osmosis filtration dispenser,add 1/2-1tsp bobs red mill baking soda to each gallon you open to drink (cancer cannot survive in a non acidic environment ) ,engage in activities that allow you to gain peace and enjoyment so you are not dwelling on the diagnosis,and know that the diagnosis is a good thing as cancer treatments are way more likely to destroy your quality of life and reduce your lifespan .de-chemify ,detox ,and study .greenmedinfo.com is an excellent source of information.lower income people have walked around with out a diagnosis for the cancers they have for years for lack of "medical care/insurance" .funny how much longer their stressful lives are when no doctors are there to chamically "treat" them and diagnose away their future based on their statistics.YOU are not a statistic.YOU are a flesh and blood living conscious extension of the living soil .live like one as best you can

  19. You will die. The same as us all. Just don't let them pick the date or dictate to you when it is. I've made liars out of Doctors many of times and they don't like it! You are their boss. Dictate to them what you expect and if they can't do it Go to God! His pure and Organic things he gave us so freely that our Govt wants to control

  20. Wheatgrass,sunnies,peas and other sprouts are a HUGE part of the HHI diet which has cured so many "terminal" cancer patients.

  21. YES! I grow 17×17 inch trays of wheatgrass,suflower and pea greens very quickly and inexpensively..They are beaming with life force,phytonutrients,enzymes,oxygen and minerals..They are much more powerful then even the freshest veggies from the most nutrient dense soil.

  22. Also Google using therapeutic grade essential oils to replace the toxic drugs in your medicine cabinet

  23. Most also by the way, growing wheatgrass is super equals 2 equals 2 about $0.10 per ounce serving when you grow it and use it yourself. And growing sprouts and micro greens is the cheapest way to get fresh organic superfood and fight food insecurity worldwide. Spread the word the more people understand about God's provision for healing with seeds,sprouts and micro greens the better health and fewer famines we would experience worldwide

  24. Read Joel Osteens mothers story online about her battle with terminal cancer. They sent her home to die also, and that was 30 plus years ago and she is still here! Hugs and love to you

  25. Juicing the leaves of the cannabis plant would be inexpensive (if you grow it) but highly advantageous! I have a few more links on my website http://www.healthhopehealing.org

  26. Please dont give up!

  27. Never accept n expiration date a Doctor has placed on you..They should be jailed for robbing people of hope…If the patient believes this often it becomes truth as our minds are oh so powerful..There have been MANY people given days or weeks that are not only alive but totally healthy! http://healingtools.tripod.com/incurprog1.html

  28. a neighbor of mine knocked out his cancer w/ Essiac tea. See " quest for the Cure the truth about cancer" they have tons of info

  29. Also Google soursop fruit and core of pineapple to knock out cancer. In Alaska I've seen the chaga ( people were selling it on Craigslist in Anchorage pretty cheap) and stinging nettles knockout cancer from people.

  30. super important this help me and a lot of other people I know amazingly! http://www.akwellspring.com they have free classes online and it will help you understand the spiritual and emotional causes of disease

  31. And trust me at this point nothing beats try…prove them wrong…U've nothing to lose if u drink it..a tablespoon or two..gulp it down. And suck a mint

  32. Cancer is Cancer but there are things that fight one better than the other. Be smart. Eating is the most important thing! I love those that want to live and never give up!

  33. Miriam, I don't know what your circumstances are however I have just learned of a man in the USA that had stage 4 terminal cancer, being fed by IV and there was absolutely no question that he was going to die — his family were already planning the funeral. Unknown to his doctors and his family he started using a pure elemental colloidal platinum (literally pouring it into his IV bag) and consumed one liter of this over a couple of weeks. Just this last week the doctors came into his hospital room and told him he could go home because they could not find any sign of cancer. This is a man that is the brother-in-law of a friend of mine. I can send you more information if you would have it. check out http://www.nano-mineralwater.com

  34. Drs ain't that smart! Just sayin, they only believe in big Pharm. cures only come from ORGANICS!

  35. How about a 2nd opinion?

  36. Freddie Fox, have you heard of the Greece test? This gives you a targeted approach to know what will work in your body. Also have you been to a functional or holistic doctor?

  37. My mother is 40, has been fighting cancer for 2 years and a couple months ago they told her the same. I'm not giving up on her though. We will be trying hedge apples.

  38. I call bullshit on that doctor! As much as I hate to say it, they all have a vested interest (at least most of them) in chemo, etc. We all came from nature and I truly believe can be healed by nature. Research everything you can and choose the path you feel will work for you! Turmeric is one of the most important ones by far as this is extensively being studied by MD Anderson in Texas. There are so many more things that can be done. When you are cured, go back and tell that doctor to go to HELL! Hugs, prayers and positive vibes are coming your way! You can do this and you WILL do this-you got those babies to raise! x3C3

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