We attribute cures for everything from a-z. Organically


I’m very confused. I know that when we are depleted of this essential element, I know it affects organs, nerves and muscles. I see posts that confuse me. Being a nurse, I am concerned. I consider the body as a well oiled machine. You feed it the right nutrients, rest and maintain a healthy lifestyle., you enrich it. Supplements are needed sometimes. Absolutely! So, my question is…why do we attribute cures for everything from a-z. Organically, it does perform vital functions but, I don’t get it.

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  1. Also a lot of these meds Doctors are passing out like candy are zapping our minerals and electrolytes! I recently read that it takes two years to rebalance your gut after antibiotic use!

  2. Yes – good point, statins, blood pressure meds all affect magnesium but rather than give magnesium more prescription meds are given – crazy

  3. Functions of Magnesium in the Body

    After Potassium, Magnesium is the second-most abundant positively charged ion inside the body’s cells and Magnesium amounts are highest in bones (65%), teeth, heart and brain.

    Magnesium is necessary for the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and amino acids, for the functions of muscles and nerves and for the formation of bones and teeth. It maintains the Cell “Battery”/the ATP production to “power” the cell.

    “Without magnesium, there is no energy, no movement, no life.” Dr Carol Dean

    ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production = the main source of energy in cells (produced by cell mitochondria). It must be bound to a magnesium ion in order to be biologically active.

    Cell “Battery” = effective electrochemical gradients across the cell membrane.
    Mg is required in the mitochondrial respiration cycle to provide cellular energy and maintain the cell “battery”.

    Mg regulates Calcium
    Adequate Mg is essential for calcium absorption and metabolism (natural calcium-channel-blocker). It converts Vitamin D into its active form to assist calcium absorption. It keeps calcium dissolved in the blood and prevents soft tissue calcification.

    Mg is a natural muscle relaxant – Mg dilates and relaxes blood vessels (e.g. to treat Raynaud’s syndrome) and Mg levels correlate with the ability to avoid High Blood Pressure.

    Mg helps to transmit nerve signals – Mg stabilises abnormal nerve excitation and blood vessel spasms by preventing excessive calcium build-up inside cells, and its role in providing cellular energy.

    Mg is one of the body’s major alkalizing minerals

    Mg is involved in detoxification of the body – Mg detoxifies Heavy Metals/other toxins and is therefore, an important neuro-protectant.

    Mg is required for protein synthesis E.g. muscle-building

    Mg needed to maintain hormonal balance – Mg is needed for Cholesterol synthesis – this “mother” of all hormones, produced in the adrenal cortex, is a prerequisite for hormones:

    ALDOSTERONE – regulates the balance of salt and water in the body.
    DHEA – prohormone for all steroid hormones.
    CORTISOL – Stress hormone
    INSULIN – Mg is necessary for production, function and transport of Insulin – thus preventing Insulin-resistance /Type 2 diabetes.
    SEROTONIN – Mg levels affect mood/emotions

    Mg is crucial to the transmission of hormones: Insulin, Thyroid hormones, Estrogens, Testosterone, DHEA and Neurotransmitters: Dopamine, Catecholamines, Serotonin, GABA

    Mg needed to activate ~3,751 enzymes (Human Magnesome http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23095498 ) o e.g. control of digestion, absorption, and for the utilisation of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, bone growth, activation of vitamins. etc. etc..

    Mg has roles with DNA – Most Mg inside the cell nucleus is closely connected with nucleic acids and mononucleotides (structural units of RNA and DNA).

    Mg & Cholesterol metabolism – lowering LDL cholesterol, raising HDL cholesterol and also lowers blood triglycerides, Mg-deficiency allows higher and/or uncontrolled cholesterol production

    Mg is involved in signalling between cells

    Mg for Metabolism – Mg is important for metabolism of Ca, K, P, Zn, Cu, Fe, Na, Pb, Cd, HCl, Acetylcholine, and Nitric Oxide (NO).
    Mg determines body’s potassium levels – If Mg is insufficient potassium will be lost in the urine. Mg further maintains the permeability, flexibility and stability of membranes.

    Mg required for production of body’s major antioxidant – Glutathione synthesis

    Mg is anti-inflammatory


    What happens when Mg intake is insufficient?

    If magnesium becomes depleted within the cell from its normal level, then calcium increases inside the cell – i.e. the intracellular Mg : Ca ratio decreases having an impact on cell functions, which incidentally also are all aspects of the stress response (“Fight-or-Flight” reaction). In a life-threatening crisis, such reactions can be life-saving as they allow a person to perform with unusual strength and speed, and then levels return to normal when the stress is over. However, when a low intracellular Mg : Ca ratio is due to nutrient deficiency, these become chronic conditions:

    In blood vessel smooth muscle cells – causes vasoconstriction, arterial stiffness, and/or hypertension
    In heart cells- causes enlargement (hypertrophy)
    In blood platelet cells -causes increased aggregation, stickiness and clotting
    In fat and skeletal muscle cells – makes them less able to respond to Insulin-resistance
    In pancreatic beta cells –causes them to produce more INSULIN – causing hyperinsulinemia, which may lead to hypoglycemia and sodium retention/hypertension
    In neurons – increases nerve cell activity
    In endocrine tissues – increases their response

    references: “The Magnesium Factor”, by Mildred S. Seelig M.D., MPH, Andrea Rosanoff, PhD , “The Magnesium Miracle”, by Dr. Carol Dean, healyourselfathomecom

  4. Have you read the research dne by the Drs. Altura or Mildred Seelig, MD?

  5. Christina Mcgorty Your statement " …..the body is a well oiled machine….feed it the right nutrients etc…." is all well and good if we live in a world where foods are enriched with all we need and we don't take synthetic medications and we don't have physical and mental stress. Diet IS a very important part of having and maintaining good health, alongside a little help from our mineral expert Morley to rebalance our mineral status.

  6. Along the lines of ClareJohnston's post….Once our soil was clean and fresh and our vegetables gave us all we needed, ESPECIALLY magnesium. But now, not only are the soils depleted from overuse (and crop rotation is rare these days (so even organic veggies aren't what they used to be!), but the fertilizers used have changed the soil and stripped them of their nutrients , and the gmo seeds have modified the nutritional structure of the very foods they seek to "enhance".

    Add that nutrient stripped crops are fed to our animals, and we lose twice!

    Magnesium was magical in my healing at a timr when none of my doctors seemed terribly interested in my increasingly severe health challenges and the meds they gave me made me worse, not better.

    I ended up in the hospital, thinking I was having a heart attack. When they determined I wasn't, I was all but ignored, despite my severe symptoms. The med student who was tailing the ER cardiologist for the night came back later and whispered in my ear "Look up Adrenal Fatigue!" He may have saved my life! I'd been dealing with my son's special needs and trying to hold my family together. Over the course of years, the extreme stress began to break down my systems, one by one. Doctor after doctor found my general tests normal and dismissed my issues. "Nothing wrong with you. Take an antidepressant. " By the time I found a way to be tested and a doctor who believed, I was nearly flatline with my cortisol.

    My own healing through supplements, diet, and lifestyle change led me to my son's ultimate diagnosis, Pyroluria and Methylation challenges, both dysfunction in the way the body handles nutrients. My son's severe issues were miraculously changed by nutrient therapy, mist notably, his seizure disorder and Klein Levin Syndrome, both of which we were told were idiopathic and untreatable.

    The medical field is very behind on this type of work. If it gives you any idea, there are 40,000 people on the Magnesium Advocacy page finding the help theu need. You'll find mostly glowing reports of miracles jere if your were to ask. The Adrenal Fatigue Recovery page has almost 26000 members, all woth stories similar to mine, most finding help (that theu SHOULD BE getting from their doctors!) from an online peer forum.

    Just because you didn't learn something DOESN'T make it invalid! Our peers are finding the help theu need after years of being failed by their doctors.

    If eating healthy has been enough for your body to be considered a "well oiled machine

  7. Morley does not recommended loads of supplements, just the ones we need after the correct testing tells us so and to combine them with rich food sources.

  8. Christina Mcgorty Don't be confused, read all of Morleys info on Iron Toxicity and all will become clear, don't just rely on the info you read here in the group there is much to be learned.

  9. Someone posted this meme in the group. Many diets are high in carbs.

  10. Christina Mcgorty
    Please read sloooooowly:

    When you're done there, you might enjoy reading my 42 Posts on Iron Toxicity (NO, we are NOT "anemic!") so you better understand HOW we get Mg deficient.

    THEN, pls reconsider your question… 😉

    A votre sante!

  11. They do not teach this in nursing school. You must do your own, very thorough research. The body is only a well-oiled machine if it is in balance. With the lack of minerals in the soil, preponderance of unhealthful diet, and all the toxins (medications, tap water, you name it) we encounter daily, we have a tendency to be depleted in substances essential to enzyme/amino acid function. If you recall your biochemistry class, you know how important this is. I am a nurse too, and had to educate myself. It is amazing to me now that I have done the research what is missing in our education as nurses…

  12. It's funny I just had some blood work done through my doctor as I was feeling very sluggish and the doctor told me I am vit d deficient and very low in iron stores (ferritin). Wants to do a colonoscopy because my results keep coming in lower each time. I'm using mag oil. Wondering if I need to do more. I'm also in the sun a few minutes a day. Queensland always has sun!

  13. Vitamin D deficiency = Magnesium deficiency. Vit D is actually a hormone. Hormone deficiencies = Mineral deficiecy/dysregulation.

  14. Mineral dysregulation is caused by IRON dysregulation and stress. This is where it all starts. It's why we need to take magnesium as our body's get low from supply. But we must get iron overload under control so that minerals can get back to normal, and this means we need to supplement as we lower the excess unbound iron. So when mineral status is low and iron status is high, ceruloplasmin is low and we also see messed up copper and zinc status. Slow oxidizers get high Calcium as well as high copper. Low oxidizers tend to get low calcium and low magnesium and potassium. All because of stress and excess unbound iron. So while we think we are trying to cure our symptoms, think deeper about WHY your mineral status is out of wack.

    And above all, get the blood iron panel and HTMA to understand what you need to fix your problems. It took years to get to where you are, and is going to take time to balance and get things back to normal.

  15. We get many cures attributed to magnesium because magnesium, directly and indirectly, affects so many things. It's not just organs. It's muscle. It's hormones and neurotransmitters. It's bones. It's other nutrients…

  16. Crazy what they dont teach in nursing school, eh?

  17. Christina Mcgorty, if you are willing as a nurse to look beyond what you were taught in school, you will be one hell of an amazing nurse who can truly help people. I invited my SIL, a psychiatric nurse, to the page. I sent things to her that talked about the magnesium/mind connection. I tagged her in personal testimonials (not mine,) but she didn't want to hear it, and I see it as ultimately that she cares more about her big bucks paycheck than learning to see what she can do to really help people solve their metabolic problems at the root cause. Yes, she is in a system, BUT, I figured if she can prescribe drugs that have the capability to maim or kill people, she can learn how to safely help people who are willing and write up at least some blood tests.

  18. Good post Melissa ….but personal choice to learn, not just to make decisions about health treatment is the issue here. We get plenty of people who want to criticise/disagree with Morley's views and then refuse to read or respond to the information they receive …do I sound frustrated !

  19. Agreed Clare Johnston, I was just stating what happened. You can lead a horse to water. And besides, I have a chuckle how people disagree with Morley's views, because he's not making this up. It's like "ok, you can disagree with him, but look at the research where he's getting this from."

  20. So true Melissa, what's not to agree with ! Things have gone quiet, so perhaps people are actually busy reading.

  21. Only in balance when fed the proper nutrients, rest, exercise , hydration and low stress…

  22. Bio individuality

  23. Venetia Reed Adams
    The worlds of nutrition & medicine are RULED by mythology, NOT metabolic fact…

    One of my favorites is the premise that each person needs a protocol "tailored" to their "bio-individuality…"

    Forgive me, but MAG me w/ a spoon…

    What I have learned in 8 yrs as a Wellness Coach & 4 DOG-yrs as the founder of MAG, is that EVERYONE is:
    o Mg deficient…
    o Lacking bioavailable Copper,
    o "D"rowning in Calcium…
    o Toxic w/ excess, unbound Iron…

    I assembled a Cp Protocol, courtesy of MTHR NATURE, and lo & behold, MAG-pie symptoms — of ALL persuasions — are melting away.

    There is only ONE protocol which resolves the underlying metabolic chaos CAUSED by M.ineral D.enialist who beLIEve in "bio-individuality…"

    A votre sante!

  24. This is probably the best, most informative and helpful thread I've read in this group yet. Thank you everyone for your valuable input.

  25. Google Carolyn Dean MD and watch a video of her detailed explanations. Enlightening. Also, I know it is given frequently during cardiac surgery. It's vital to good heart function. How do I know? I work in cardiac surgery and see Anesthesiologists administer it to patients frequently perioperatively.

  26. Did the poster ever come back?

  27. We've unwittingly spawned a "new race" of healers that have a root understanding of "cause," different yardsticks to measure metabolic dynamics, & a different language to explain what is REALLY going on inside our bodies…

    It is NOT for the faint of heart…

    A votre sante!

  28. It definitely is not for the faint of heart. It has given me a whole new perspective on patient care and the pressure that is put on healthcare providers to toe the "party line" for everything from metabolic processes/diagnostics to medications and vaccines…especially in a very small town it can be difficult changing hearts and minds…

  29. I can't give blood they always say I don't meet the weight requirements. I don't cycle every month due to hysterectomy 13 years ago are there other ways to remove excess iron?

  30. Cathy Coryell
    I did not know that, thank you. I just joined this group today. I was hoping to find out what would be the best type of magnesium for me to take. I've been tapering off of Cymbalta antidepressant and my anxiety blasted through the roof. I'm in protracted withdrawal. Any advice is much appreciated. 🙂

  31. As a nurse myself… I am trying to re-learn everything I was once taught. I have many health issues and have done a lot of research. And what I feel I and the medical profession do is just cover up symptoms. We don't treat anything! We don't find the cause of anything! We just use bandaids… I'm in the process of slowing moving out of nursing, or at least the hospital environment, to start at the bottom.. Prevention! Prevention is better than any cure. The only reason why we have so many chronic diseases is because the government and big pharma makes too much money out of them! Sick people equal money!
    Just check out the new research on cholesterol. Cholesterol is 100% vital and we are shoving pills down are throats to lower it? Seriously?!
    And what about all the antibiotics that are just given out willy nilly for nearly anything! And now we wonder why we are having so many antibiotic resistance pathogens?!
    And even the blood tests we use, half of them don't even show us 'real' information.
    We are slowly killing ourselves and only a very small percentage of people have actually started questioning it.
    I can't wait to have my own practice where illnesses are prevented, or treated with nutrition, nutritional supplements and mindfulness and meditation.
    This is how I've started treating myself (with help of an amazing doctor, that took me years to find) and have had amazing results. I will never listen to another general 'gp' ever again. Thank god functional and integrative doctors are now becoming much more popular and available
    Welcome to this group.. you will become a better nurse for it

  32. Gerard Gerard

  33. Perhaps, you missed the part where I said…electrolyte depletion's replacement is necessary. Sarcasm….not wasted on me, I was being diplomatic. I am shocked by the vitriol. It was simply a request for hard facts not, junk science. I KNOW how most people are depleted. I just see things that astonish me. And yes, thanks for the hit. I've worked all over this country for 25 years. I am shocked that an open honest question could meet with such anger. Reread what I wrote. I came on this site for some insight…not anger.

  34. I read an article from a Medical doctor years ago and he said that in Med school they are taught to blast out with drugs or cut it out with a knife. He saw to many people getting sick or dying that he felt were related to diet and started doing research into nutrition and health. He said they don't teach much of that in Med school and that the pharmaceutical companies donate a lot so they are taught more of what pharmacist want them to know but that is a whole nother conversation 😉 Another thing that we see is that our lands have become so depleted of nutrition that foods just aren't having enough nutrition as they once did.

  35. Ferritin is not an adequate measure of Iron in the body, it can be many times higher when stored in the organs, tissues and joints. Morley looks at diet/food sources for minerals, whole food/natural mineral supplements. monitoring levels with the correct testing and more. Diet is only "one" part of the equation to manage your Iron levels and looking at mineral ratios/levels.

  36. my son's "anemia" off of iron, after Lots of bloodwork and money spent on iron for 6 years and D3 for 8 (a "good" iron so $$$)…he is 8 and after finding this research along with help from (so thankful) doctors who are willing to research it and walk it with me, his hemoglobin is higher than it's ever been. Also, after battling hormonal challenges for 3 to 4 years and panic attacks, after only three months of doing this protocol and not even perfectly, I have had a lot less panic attacks and my hormones are visibly evening out in miraculous ways! The suggested bloodwork and hair analysis and consult on here are super Duper helpful. This is a very informative post – I appreciate it! I know we won't be perfect health here on earth, but it's so encouraging that some simple nutrients that were intended for us all along, are key to our health. So thankful! I am a slow learner and grateful for the patience of the health coaches here, my doctors and my naturopath, who are learning along the way too and answering a million questions a million ways for this non sceintific brained woman! I want to understand the why behind most things, and the way I think makes it hard-this post has been very helpful.

  37. Wow…. all the comments are very helpful to me.

  38. When the body doesn't get the essential nutrients just like a well oiled machine it starts to breakdown!
    I'm learning so so much about the whole spectrum of Organic Ionic Minerals and how they are a MUST in order for EVERY CELL IN OUR BODIES TO FUNCTION PROPERLY!!! 😉

  39. Have you had Lyme disease?

  40. The WHO has been warning us that 80% of the world is deficient in Magnesium. I see people regularly with low iron, zinc, iodine and manganese and B-12 and folate. The food supply is not healthy. The soil is depleted of nutrients. Which is another reason to buy only organic and as local, as possible.

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