We just had his blood work done and his TTIGA (?)


My 18 year old son wasn’t growing, is very skinny and has no appetite. His 15 year old brother passed him up in height. My Momma instinct knew something was wrong. We just had his blood work done and his TTIGA (?) is 100 when it’s suppose to be under 4. We have a GI appointment for Thursday. He loves carbs, all the crap I wish he wouldn’t eat…fast food etc. I am happy to know he will need to change his diet, it will be good for him all together, but I’m a bit freaked out about all the “get new kitchen stuff to avoid cross contamination” etc. He’s suppose to go off to college soon! He doesn’t have any other symptoms, which I find odd. I’m afraid he won’t stick to a strict gf diet…I guess I need to wait and see what the GI Dr. says…but as far as I can tell…there aren’t any other diseases that would cause that blood work to turn out the way it did, other than Celiac’s. Should it turn out to be Celiac’s for sure, I am thrilled to know about all the products available these days and that there are groups like this out there!!

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  1. My son now 17
    I can understand what you been through before his diagnosed he was skinny too buy always hungry never got full.
    plus he is type 1 diabetic

  2. Yes he will need to be 100% gluten free. You don’t need symptoms to have celiac. I was diagnosed at 19. He will be fine!

  3. Now my son is doing Great \nit’s been almost 2 years now \nGf lifestyles helped

  4. Go to the dollar store if you have one and get some cooking utensils and one of those dollar storage tubs

  5. you perfectly described my house – older passed up by younger, eating habits, then going off to school. Mine’s been home now for 2 years (School didn’t work out, partially because of his symptoms and associated issues) but he was JUST diagnosed – couldn’t convince him to get into Dr. You can’t make him do any of it, but when he feels better and gains weight, he’ll be on board… and TONS of resources and food options!!

  6. With numbers that high it sounds like celiac for sure. To not have any other symptom is awful ESP with kids because their isn’t an immediate reaction to the food

  7. I was fairly asymptomatic as well except for the things no one talks about and then you think it’s just your normal – always coming up anemic, always going #2, hung over after one beer. I will say that now that I have removed it from my diet i get really, really sick if I slip up or get cross contamination so I have no desire to cheat. There are so many options now for him and do much better he starts now as he’s moving out and will likely have a lot of new stuff instead of replacing. He’ll find his favorite, easy go tos.

  8. I didn’t mean to post the ha ha face. I was carrying my phone and it just happened. I don’t know how to change it!

  9. My 16 is super skinny, he has CD but has symptoms . We live a gf life style and it can be challenging and discouraging sometimes – because everything has to be made and what teenage boy wants to cook all the time. Good luck to you. I’m glad your son is not suffering but if he does have CD he needs to be gf and then maybe he will start to absorb important nutrients.

  10. Skinny boys seem happy when they can gain weight. That may entice him

  11. Teach him foods that he can have, tacos, gf pizza, teach him where he can eat and how to make the simple foods.

  12. In reference to a comment, you don’t need to have symptoms to have celiac -how would you know that you are celiac with no symptoms? Without having appropriate testing.

  13. It is a learning curve at first and he will make mistakes at first. The good thing is now you know and can get him better. They call Celiac’s without symptoms or few symptoms silent celiacs. That’s almost worse to me because when I eat wheat my reactions to it make me want nothing to do with it. Im also in severe pain for weeks. With the silent types he may not have visible reactions but it is still wreaking havoc on his insides. The best way I’ve found to get my daughter to stay away from it is to take their favorite foods that are gluten filled and get good at converting them to gluten free. That way he doesn’t feel like he’s missing out as much.

  14. So if you have silent celiac what testing could be done to confirm. Very hard when you think you are but don’t have the main symptoms just itchy skin.

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