Weaning my daughter off of Miralax long term use.


Weaning my daughter off of Miralax long term use. She’s 7 and chronically constipated. What do you guys use instead to help keep her moving?

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  1. NAET has been a huge part of our healing journey. Very happy with our results but the practitioner matters.

  2. We used metamucil in different forms and prunes.

  3. Green smoothies with some fresh berries, ginger and coconut water. No dairy or banana. Warm water with lemon first thing in the morning. If able to add organic apple cider vinegar to it, that would help too.

  4. Make homemade milk kefir — second fermentation gives added benefits. ( Kombucha Nation: Cultures, Health, and Healing! ) Easy, fun, and many things to make; kefir cheese, pudding… for recipes go here: http://www.culturedfoodlife.com

  5. Magnesium is the answer to all your problems! ! ( of course cleaning up her diet is very important)

  6. Try acidphodophllis i dont know if spelling right tho. It really helps you go and safe for kids.

  7. Beef tallow or lard. Bacon grease, coconut oil, butter, fatty meat, etc. Saturated fat. No veggie oils except a bit of coconut oil.

  8. Brains are very good, but tricky to acquire for most.

  9. Trust me, fatty meat & animal fat will keep you regular.

  10. I ate meat and fat only for two full years and I was absolutely not constipated.

  11. I suggest ginger pills also; i been using this spice for years, and my ten year old has bad contipation too. I telling you ginger will keep you digestive tract regularly flowing like a smooth operator. I could go on aloe vera pure juice four ounces will have you having regular bowel movements. I do self-studies, and it will work. But give probotics a chance!

  12. Aloe vera will make you go right away and eat a teaspoon of flaxseeds and yogurt!

  13. The problem with taking anything but fatty meat and fat for constipation, especially supplements, drugs, fiber, or herbs is that you eventually become dependent on it.

  14. Okay, read the book Fiber Menace by Dr. Konstantin Myrsky. It will open your eyes. It's not that long and there's a good video summary. https://www.gutsense.org/fibermenace/about_fm.html

  15. I'm not saying you shouldnt eat plants, I'm saying that using anything else but fatty meat or fat can eventually go wrong. Excess fiber causes so many problems.

  16. Okay just say that so how much should i use a day if i have bad digestion. Thanks i understand what you mean now. It also can cause a bad stomach ache. In moderation and thanks for info

  17. Carbs ALWAYS make me feel bloated and I still crave more carbs even after I'm bloated and full.

    Ad hominem attacks only show your true character, Candy Kouture. This is a time for logic and reason, not insults. This person is asking for help and I am sharing my zero carb experience. I was only constipated when I ate way too much cheese when I was zero carb for 2 years and I still am pretty low carb, sometimes zero carb.

  18. Seriously. Abusive comments are not necessary.

  19. Just because something is natural doesn't mean it's good for you. Coffee is a natural laxative but it's very common to develop a crippling dependency on this perfectly legal natural drug that any child can buy if they have money.

  20. Hydration is also very important because your colon will absorb water from your poop, especially when you're dehydrated.

    Also, use a stool when you shit. It makes you squat and it straightens out the pipes so and you're much less likely to get a hemmorroid from straining to push.

  21. I'm talking about how to take a shit, and I'm not giving you shit. I'm just sharing knowledge.

  22. Candy Kouture – you can be banned for more abusive language. I will remove your posts that do not comply with group rules.

  23. Okay honey you drink it in moderation , and everybody dont drink coffee.

  24. Ellis Worthington – edit your posts please

  25. I don't ever drink coffee, I've been severely addicted to it in the past.

  26. Magnesium help just another suggestion just dont overdose lmao!

  27. Magnesium citrate is a very good idea. I just didn't mention it because the group is all about magnesium and I assumed you already knew it works well for this.

  28. Yeah coffee mess with my heart okay i am not madj at you, we can share the intelligence dang!

  29. Thanks elling ling you schooled me today, im out but drink that aloe juice it help thank me later that meat clog your dam arteries

  30. Animal fats do not clog your arteries, carbs do. Spiking your blood sugar all the damn time is what damages your arteries.

  31. Nawll i didnt pay attention thanks… I still learning give me a break lady. Is mag with calicium and zinc okay answer that cause it seem to make me tired.

  32. Lol i got stop spiking my blood you right i just drink it black, you got me again! Actually, i only had four ounces off coffee today!

  33. The diet heart hypothesis has been disproven for quite some time now but only continues via institutional inertia. Ancel Keyes selectively picked data for his seven countries study. He chose to use the data from seven countries even though he had the data set for almost 20 countries.

  34. Eat according to your glucometer. If the food spikes your blood sugar, don't eat it.

  35. Check out http://www.zerocarbzen.com or the Facebook group Principia Carnivora or Zeroing in on Health for more zero carb info.

  36. Okay that what im working on my sugar, so far kinda good. I love fish and i do notice my metabolism seems faster. Okay you gotta it! Thanks for the info!

  37. Understand that ALL carbohydrates are converted into blood sugar and raise your blood sugar, some slowly, some quickly. Insulin (which is the only hormone that lowers your blood sugar) is very damaging to the body. We have 5 other hormones to raise blood sugar (cortisol, neophenrine, etc) convinced me that fat (ketones) are our preferred fuel source, not carbs.

  38. With all im learning about my health ..and being constipated from a young age i was thinking just today that i wish my mom had known to start me on probiotics instead of making comments about how long i was in the bathroom. I think it would have improved my disposition too knowing what i know now about the gut and anxiety.

  39. Now everybody absorb all this great knowledge and go have a relaxing and sincere bowel movement. Gn intellects!

  40. Not sure if it has been posted above…grape juice works well for kids and if there is an issue use peppermint essential oil in the belly button for a bm.

  41. Prunes. My boys both have major issues. I give them a prune a day and smooth sailing now

  42. Natural Calm…

  43. Probiotics are the one thing that we all can use more of..

  44. She is 7….? What is her diet?

  45. Functional neurology exercises. Would you see if there is an FN doctor near you? The specialty has really helped my son and me.

  46. Wish IA had functional med Drs!

  47. Sauerkraut juice

  48. Mangos and proboitics might help

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