Weight gain, fatigue, anxiety, swelling, dry skin


Thank you all for your support on my post from last night. The new endo I saw today switched me from levothyroxine (132mg) to armor (90mg 6 days a week).

Is there anything I should expect from this change? Right now weight gain, fatigue, anxiety, swelling, dry skin are some of my biggest symptoms. Hoping the new med helps!


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  1. why 6 days a week? changing to that armour dose is lower t4 then what you are getting with levo but i hope you get regular labs and adjustments.

  2. if like my experience, they start you on a lower dose (so ur body can adapt to new meds) than you will probably end up on. so I was more tired until they got me to optimul dose after that I felt better than I had in years. glad you were able to get switched to armour

  3. Yay! As I mentioned on your other post, most people feel better on Armour because of the T3. I hope it works great for you.

  4. This should help you. I actually dose myself and I’m doing well. Neither hypo or hyperthyroid. I sent you a link below.


    Your doctor is starting you out too high. One grain you start with. I split my grains in half. I started with 1 grain of NDT and am now on 3 grains daily. So I’m taking 1 1/2 grains
    twice daily. Doctors try and use a conversion chart, but it doesn’t work. Wish they knew how to dose, but like I said they don’t. I follow this link to dose myself and it worked!

  5. Try going low carb. Only thing working for me

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