Went to gps and he completely ignored my symptoms


Hi Folks, can i have some help, went to gps and he completely ignored my symptoms. I showed him the white bands on finger joints, and he ignored looking at ankle bands too but every evening when i keep still i am perished. He dismissed it saying you cant be cold you are warm now, explained i had been rushing around all day and onto him , so i am hot but once i sit down at night it comes on and i am shivering. My big toe underneath is blue and i am getting pin and neddles and a dead arms at night in bed. part of underneath my hand and feets there seems to be white bits and then red. A Cardiologist who is not part of grampian health board thinks i may have the next one on from raynauds. Do any of you see similarties and can you help me to ask the write questions to try and get some action. cheers folks

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  1. I've had the pins & needles before, usually if my arms/legs are bent too much {for example, if I lean on one hand while I'm reading in bed}. I've had the dead arms a couple of times but my doctor doesn't know what it's from. 🙁

  2. i am trying to get a diagnosis for coronary microvascular disease , so it could be that but some of these symptoms to seem like raynaulds but mine dont exactly look like the pics, have smaller bands on fingers but wonder if thats how it starts

  3. everyone is different; some people with Raynaud's don't turn white…I know I didn't in the beginning.

  4. Sometimes you have to make a stand and ask to see a different GP. Trust me on this one…..I'm a nurse!

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