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So we went to Western Sizzler for lunch today. I was really careful in my choices got a spinach & cucumber salad with plain vinaigrette dressing ( looked to be a red vinegar base) baked potatoe I got cheese from the taco area instead of by the salad area where croutons were close by. Steak no steak sauce & I got the individual packs of butter for my potatoe & plain vanilla soft serve ice cream my stomach started in about 3 this afternoon I can’t figure out what it was I don’t normally react to dairy hubby regularly picks up Braun’s ice cream for us & I never seem to have trouble. Any have any ideas?

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  1. Malted vinegar?

  2. The steak may have been prepared on a grill where they cook non gluten free food

  3. The cheese in the taco area some have gluten coating so it will not stick together, or CC from flour tortillas.

  4. It sounds like CC, since you ate out.. 🙁

  5. maybe the spinach?

  6. Shredded cheese in restaurants frequently has flour mixed in to keep it from clumping. I found out the hard way. It could have been that. 😢

  7. Thanks everyone so much to learn still learning this new lifestyle.

  8. Dairy can b iffy if you have lactose. Dairy Queen ice cream is tolerable for me BUT others have me cramping in 5 min. Try it again without the ice cream.

  9. Never, ever, ever assume that something is safe. Always, always, always ask questions! \nI hope you will feel better soon.

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