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When you accidentally “gluten” your 6 year old, 3.5 weeks into CD diagnosis….??? We’ve been finally making progress with getting her tummy to feel better and then I made a mistake and now she’s miserable. Major Mom fail.

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  1. Don’t beat your self up over it, we all make mistakes, it’s gonna happen. Just have to learn from them that’s all we can do. Hope she feels better.

  2. We all make mistakes! Especially in the beginning! I always try to look at a mistake as a lesson as hard as it is!

  3. Please don’t be too hard on yourself. We all make mistakes and there is quite a learning curve with learning about Celiac Safe food. You will learn.

  4. Valerie Lueckenhoff Anderson this is going to sound awful, but the fact your daughter is reacting, means you’ve been getting it right, and this is a learning curve. Your a good mum and i’m sure you’ve realised what your daughter had that made her react. We’ve all done it , just most of us to ourselves.

  5. There is a steep learning curve to eating GF. I’ve glutened myself. Please, don’t beat yourself up for it. Live and learn.

  6. Thank you, all! I needed a little pep talk. She’s such a good and sweet kiddo. I hate seeing her unwell. She’s waking from a 2 hour nap – that she NEVER takes (probably why I feel double guilt BC I know she’s unwell if she’s napping on a sunny almost-Spring day) so hopefully we’ll turn a corner for today and definitely not make that mistake again.

  7. I did the same thing to my now 2 year old just a few months after her diagnosis too. I know you feel horrible, but we are moms and despite popular belief, we are human and make mistakes. I hope she feels better soon. CD sucks…especially when it’s your child!!

  8. Hey you are trying! Give yourself credit for trying hard to do things correctly for your girl. It will get better!

  9. I gave my daughter soy milk when she was little. Turns out she had a horrible allergy to soy as well as having CD. She is 18 now and occasionally gets something she shouldn’t have. It happens.

  10. We are GF for like 8 or 9 years now. My middle daughter has been GF from birth but has other food allergies which will trigger her eczema upon exposure/contamination. I spent 2 months watching my daughters eczema get worse and her coughing increase (non CD related), I had switched her vitamins twice trying to figure it out. The 2 times I changed her vitamins to ones she was allergic to unintentionally. Shit happens. You live and learn. No one died.

  11. It happens, won’t be the last time. Xo I imagine you feel worse than her. Hang in there

  12. You are doing your best!!

  13. It happens to all of us 🙁 I’ve been gluten free for over 10 years and I still make mistakes.

  14. It’s a learning process, don’t be so hard on yourself. I’ve been gf 11 years and still makes mistakes.

  15. We all do! Just learn from your mistakes and keep moving forwards!

  16. Don’t beat yourself up. Sometimes it happens. It will get easier.

  17. Nooo! Remind her of this moment! Say (gently) “I want you to remember this feeling” because some day you might want to eat the wrong thing and this is why we don’t.

    Take a crappy experience and turn it into a teaching moment.

  18. My son doesn’t have an official Dx but i told his church time teacher he could have a doughnut…. I was totally distracted and thought it was my daughter’s teacher who doesn’t have gluten issues

  19. Shoot I have celiac and used to pop cheese it’s in my mouth constantly before our house went GF

  20. It happens and will happen. Remember to be kind to yourself when it does happen 😉

  21. Be patient with yourself. I was the one cooking for myself and made a lot of mistakes along the way. One time, my husband put our some crackers and cheese, I grabbed one and ate it before I realized what I did.

  22. It’s a learning curve, before you know it you will be a GF expert Hang in there!!!!

  23. The worst. I have celiac and I’ve done it to my daughter and myself. I’m so sorry. Forgive yourself.

  24. Be kind to yourself- it’s going to happen 1000x more over the years…

  25. There are more and more studies coming and showing that you have quite a high chance of being exposed to gluten outside of your house no matter how careful you are. Here is a recent one: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/eci.12755/full I am a father of 2 celiac kids and since they started using enzymes, their blood levels went to normal and even better than they were on a gluten-free diet without taking AN-PEP enzymes. I highly recommend having AN-PEP enzymes in your purse whenever you go out and are not sure about cross contamination or accidental gluten ingestion.

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