What about the Advil? Is it just as bad?


So I feel like poop when I workout. First of all I don’t have a lot of energy. But I want to workout. When I try to I get headaches, numbness, light headed.
It was suggested to me by my Dr to take Tylenol every day for pain, and to take Advil only when I start to feel like crap during a workout. I hear Tylenol is not good on the liver. But what about the Advil? Is it just as bad? I was thinking about trying it to see if it helps with my symptoms.

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  1. I can’t control my hear beat and then eventually I get hot and throw up.. Every time. I’m only 24 and working out makes me sick even if it’s hiking.

  2. Ugh that’s horrible. A few years ago I did a short hike. Maybe 1 mile. I felt so bad afterwards. Trees were spinning.

  3. I take aleve twice a day.

  4. Neither should do damage if you stay within the amount suggested on the packaging. But neither are going to help with numbness or light headedness. Are you sure nutritionally you’re getting what you need? I used to be a hard core go all the way type of person when it came to exercise and with the health conditions I have now I finally realized I have to ramp it down some. You can still aim for the same level of fitness you want, but it will probably take you more time if you listen to your body & that’s a huge key to feeling better.

  5. I believe so. It was just a suggestion by my dr since she has no idea what else to tell me

  6. Advil is also bad on the organs. But they both show problems with long time over use.

  7. I have the same as you with working out . it exhausts me now, when it use to give me energy. I can do about 15minutes then that it.

  8. It’s so frustrating

  9. Just stop exercising . In all honesty I felt worse everytime I tried. It did way more damage than good. I’d be tired for days, have extreme pain, and GAINED WEIGHT. address adrenals and thyroid before trying to work out. Otherwise you’re working against yourself and will get the opposite result. Lost 60 pounds not lifting a finger, but instead listened to my body

  10. You more than likely have adrenal fatigue. It is very common when you have Hashimoto’s. You need a 24 hour saliva test to find out what your cortisol levels are. Stick to gentle exercise until you determine the state of your adrenals. Also, try to avoid NSAID’s, they contribute to leaky gut and healing our guts is priority when you have autoimmune disease.

  11. Thanks ladies. I will look into adrenal fatigue

  12. We are all suffering from
    Adrenal fatigue. Whether you believe it or not research it. Change your diet, especially eating gluten free, and you will notice a difference. It can take time to notice the benefits. Also, research anti-inflammatory diet. Huge benefits with this for those with auto-immune disease. Feel free to message me if you have questions. I can tell you how much my life has changed -From the couch to running marathons. Yes, I still suffer from fatigue and pain, but at a functional level.

  13. Thank you Suzanne

  14. It has ALWAYS, my whole life, been exactly the same for me and I didn’t get it, why was I so different? What was wrong with me? Its been like that even after I got thyroid meds (hormones). But then I found pilates and I was TRANSFORMED! Deep breathing, slow movements, exercising lying down (feels like Im taking a nap and exercising at the same time ?)… since then, I leave the gym with more energy then when I entered. And my entite body just LOVES it!! Maybe you should give it a try. Pilates or maybe yoga? I didnt try yoga but maybe it would be good as well

  15. Thanks irena. I love yoga. The last time I did it, I started getting numb again. I’ve even tried PiYo. I was fine until I started my 2nd week.

  16. Advil (ibuprofen, Motrin) is metabolized in the kidneys, so it can be taken with Tylenol that is metabolized in the liver without extra liver workload.

  17. Yep adrenal issues. I am dealing with that right now

  18. Are you doing anything for it now kelly? I just bought a book and I think the easiest thing to do was to take vitamin C and B complex.

  19. I found out my iron and V it D was really low. Once I fixed that, my workouts improved tremendously.

  20. You have too heal yourself first. Be gentle with you! Only light exercise until you feel like more. You will only cause more stress.

  21. Slow and steady is the way to go. Start with walking a block or two and more when you feel up to it. Morning is the best time for thyroid patients to exercise. Exercising outdoors in daylight boosts thyroid and mood. Some pain is normal until your muscles get stronger. Lightheadedness could be due to improper breathing while exercising. I started by walking a block and worked up to a mile in a few weeks. Same with exercising at the gym. Some pain is normal, but should warrant taking pain medication. I take Neocell collagen 2 for joints, muscles, tendon, etc, which works better than Tylenol and Advil without side effects.

  22. I take Advil for menstrual cramps and pain, and my doctor said as long as it’s not on an empty stomach all the time, it should be fine.

  23. I’ve heard that too. Thanks

  24. I hurt like that all the time. I have been working out for 2yrs and I hurt like it’s my first work out try vitamin b12 that’s they told me but I haven’t tried it yet

  25. Thanks Melissa

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