What are some easy snacks for a 3 year old?


Yesterday we got test results back and my son is positive for celiac. My main two questions to start off with are:
1. What are some easy snacks for a 3 year old? I have 3(soon to be 4) kids so anything I can get in bulk is great!
2. Are there many drinks that have gluten? We usually make crystal light juice by the gallon, not sure if it’s mostly foods or drinks too that i need to really watch for to go gluten free.
Thank you in advance for any and all input.

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  1. If you have a Costco membership you’ll thank yourself later.

  2. Food is the main thing to watch out for – also cosmetics and medication. Drinks are not such an issue but read the ingredients. Most often, if there is a problem, it would be barley malt (like in cacao or similar milky drinks – and beer, later ;)) or something in aromas, like in some teas. Always always always read the ingredient lists and familiarize yourself with contamination issues and all the things they include (toasters, hand mixers, wooden boards, most baking equipment). EatingCoit gets much more tricky but you might not do that much anyway with lots of little ones 😉

  3. Eating out I meant. On snacks someone from the US will be able to advise better – we like corn crackers, nuts, yoghurt drinks, cut fruits and veggies and gf bars, buns or similar.

  4. Fruit, raisins, gummy fruit snacks, cheese sticks, carrot sticks, rice cakes w/ PB, we found gfree chocolate granola bars at Walmart we like, yogurts, corn chips and a decent selection of chips are gfree

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