What are some foods I can order when out and about?


Just diagnosed Monday with celiac, my question what are some foods I can order when out and about?? I believe just a baked potato is something I can order correct?? What other food could you suggest for me?

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  1. Watch for cross contamination.

  2. Download the app “find me gluten free” for some local suggestions. It’s a process – knowing what foods are safe and what questions to ask the servers etc. you will get there. I promise, there are so many other yummy things out there other than a baked potato!

  3. Dont for a while. Let your boy heal with safe foods. Wheb you start to feel better you an start experimenting.

  4. Be careful some restaurants butter isn’t gluten free for the baked potato

  5. New York fries are gluten free

  6. I am so happy right now! I just spoke with the owners of one of my favourite restaurants BC (before celiac) see what I did there? And she said they totally can safely cook for celiacs!

  7. You have to be really careful but FindMeGlutenFree app is helpful. I keep it on my phone. http://glutenfreeguidehq.com has lists and GF menus which help too….

  8. Oh dear I would eat out if I were you I always end up sick.

  9. You should call restaurants before going out and ask if they have a separate area for cooking their gluten free dishes.

  10. Check menu’s online if you know where you might be going first. Lots of restaurants now have gf menu’s etc.

  11. google gluten free restaurants in your area- we have a great Tavern where owner is gluten free and gf means gf when we order there( Perth, Western Australia

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