What are some natural ways to lower blood pressure?


What are some natural ways to lower blood pressure? My doc put me on blood pressure meds a while ago but I want to get off of them because i think they are making me dizzy. I eat really healthy. And I work out and my blood pressure was still 130/80 today at the doctors.. at first she said it may be white coat syndrome and maybe try to wean myself off the meds and monitor my blood pressure at home and see if it goes up. Then she changed her mind and wants to refer me to a blood pressure specialist. I literally eat nothing but fruits, veggies and whole grains with very little dairy and no meat. I never drink pop and only have one cup of coffee a day in the morning and drink water the rest of the day. What do I do?? I’m so frustrated.

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  1. Juicing organic celery will lower blood pressure, provide energy, and heal reflux. It worked for me!

  2. Depending on your age a one time 130/80 can be perfectly normal while in a doctors office. . .my doc asked me to take it different times a day(morning is always lower than afternoon or evening due to biological rythyms) for 2 weeks & keep a record – I have white coat syndrome

  3. Mine is always high when I go into the doctor's office. 140/80 something. He doesn't even suggest putting me on a prescription. I take my own at home and it is normally fine. But garlic capsules lower blood pressure or garlic of any kind will lower blood pressure pretty quickly. Don't eat too much raw as it is hard on the digestive system. Saute it lightly or add to hot soup. I take Premier Research Garlicidin to lower my blood pressure. Also mine went way down when I got on Armour thyroid as my thyroid was out of balance and my blood pressure was up.

  4. In the Netherlands anything above 140/90 is considered high blood pressure…

  5. Holy basil and mag

  6. Home remedy: have some pieces of garlic cloves( 2-3 in numbers)…..
    try chewing it with meals if possible..
    It has a strong taste & might have some burning sensations… You need to figure out a way to ingest like mixing it with your foods or other ways

    But to be honest your blood pressure is absolutely in the normal range. You don't require any treatment for your BP

  7. Hibiscus tea.

  8. Your diet is exactly the same as mine except I have one cup of tea per day. I take one blood pressure med in the evenings. I have a blood pressure and heart rate monitor at home and it's usually good 120/70, except when I'm in afib or flutter when my pressure goes up quite high 130/86 and my pulse is 140. Like you, I am looking for an answer.

  9. Fermented beetroot juice – kvass x. Tulsi tea, up magnesium, reduce high carbs, celery for starters. Loads of other changes you could consider xx

  10. What are you kidding, wish my Bp readings were as low as yours . From a clinical standpoint is not high at all. Not sure what your dr was thinking. Maybe he works for a pharmaceutical company or a stockholder of one.

  11. Rhythmic movement therapy regulates blood pressure.

  12. Thats a Great BP.

  13. Potassium bicarbonate can lower bp. Maybe use that in adrenal cocktail instead of cream of tartar?

  14. I take Hawthorn berry capsules. It's allowed me to take only the mildest of antihypertensive's. It works in the same way as lisinopril work's. It dilates the blood vessels.
    Hypertension runs in my family

  15. I agree with those who said those numbers are not high, but turmeric drops blood pressure.

  16. If I could offer some advice – at your results please do not start taking high blood pressure meds – you don't need to – my results consistently have been 145/100 even though my weight has reduced by 25 kilos the blood pressure is still too high – luckily my doc is not prescription mad and still has not made me start medication – he feels that with further weight loss the levels will drop and get into a more normal range – your bottom total is perfect and really at 130 you only seem to have had a bit of a stress filled morning – lets face it 120/80 is considered to be perfect – meds are not the answer for you at this point

  17. The only number to watch is the lower one, the diastolic. Yours is spot on at 80. A few herbs and you should be able to avoid taking antihypertensive's

  18. I started with 194/120 when 1st came on this site as wanted to get off my. I drank 2 litres per day of mag water, eat dark chocolate 96% , avocado's daily and got numbers down to 120/80 and Doc said that will do. My advice and I have only just started myself, would be to follow the Magnesium, Adrenal and Root cause protocols. I have had several health issues after my high blood pressure as a result of relaxing my magnesium intake and not being on here when Morley was developing his Root Cause Protocol.

  19. That's not high here in the uk that is acceptable

  20. 130/80.? Why on meds? Weird.

  21. That blood pressure is no way high

  22. Celery juice is excellent

  23. OP said she was on bp meds currently so yes, that reading is fine.

    What were your Bp results before meds?

    There are different classes of meds as well; some I have no tolerance for at all. Wouldn't know I'm in a med with my current one.

  24. I can't tolerate any caffeinated coffee at all. I can only handle decaf once or twice a week. I'd cut out coffee altogether if I were you. No tea either.

  25. Lots of whole grains and no meat….. there is your problem right there.

  26. You guus, I just took my blood pressure at home and this was my number. I'll be talking to her today about getting off the meds. She took blood work yesterday and is supposed to be calling me today. Thank you for the advice!


  27. Make sure you are getting several readings a day (mine takes three consecutive and averages the numbers). Also be VERY aware of arm position, as it should be level with your heart, not hanging down. That makes a big difference in the number and can give a false positive high. I have noticed that some doctors do it correctly but many do not.

  28. In my experience in Healthcare, 150/90 is considered high. Not saying you don't have high blood pressure, just trying to put your mind a little more at ease.

  29. High dose Vitamin B3 has been known for decades to decrease bp. I take 4500mg/day and it's working great! Also has the added benefits of lowering anxiety, supporting blood flow, detoxing heavy metals, helping with addiction and many other things. Read books by Dr Abraham Hoffer


    Hawthorn, there are several more natural herbs that bring down BP, with proper diet and exercise.

  30. 130/80 is NOT "high blood pressure." It's up a bit, but that's totally attributable to "white coat syndrome."

    You do need to up your fat, though. And, you need to get some good protein. You sound very carb heavy and the grains, especially, will cause edema, adding to the blood pressure. If you don't have your essential fatty acids, you won't benefit from the minerals.

    If all else fails, drink some parsley tea. It's a very mild diuretic and will help with the edema.

  31. Your numbers are fine, but your dr might be not!

  32. My husband is fit and healthy and has white coat syndrome. So he closes his eyes, does ten deep breaths ( he does meditate everyday) and we take it a again and it is always fine.

  33. 130/80 is NORMAL. Why do you want it lower?

  34. I'm thinking 130/80 is her ON-meds reading?

  35. Take it on the right side. 5 points lower most of the time. 😉

  36. Anand Santhosh. Sankar Chan

  37. Get off all processed salt and change to Celtic or Himalayan salt. Are you doing the protocol?
    It helps regulate blood pressure.
    Meditation can help too.
    Have you been tested for mineral imbalance?
    Talk to your doctor about alternatives or lower doses of your meds to see if symptoms improve.

  38. Are they SURE it is "essential" hypertension and not secondary to something else….Blocked renal vein, adrenal growth–pheochromocytoma? Get second opinion is what I would do & have done.

  39. Lower your sodium intake, exersize often and drink less alcoholic beverages

  40. I had to check to make sure this was a post in the MAG group. Is this a joke? I admit not reading every post but was there even one on magnesium and supporting adrenals with potassium and good salt? MAGNESIUM Remember magnesium? And copper and iron? I need to go do my magnesium soak.

  41. Thankfully there were a few comments above on magnesium. Please read the pinned post and the wonderful information on the Root Cause Protocol. Make sure you pay careful attention to the info on potassium and good salt. Get a hair analysis from Trace Minerals and do the recommended blood work and get Morley to advise. It's worth every penny.

  42. Breath slim brings blood pressure down and also exercises the lungs I was introduced to breath slim by Dr Mark circus a very cheep but effective way to get more oxygen in your body

  43. I was in the same boat. I realized I worried so much about what I was eating, how much I exercise and even my next doctor's appointment. I said the hell with it! Just eat smart, don't starve and make time for myself to unwind. Daily meditation, even napping some days. I started eating more magnesium rich foods and quit the kale smoothies. .yuck! Also added the jigsaw magnesium to my daily with docs approval. Pb is was 140/98 now I average 114/78. Still on meds though…but just for now. Good luck!

  44. Hawthorn supplements lower blood pressure.

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